Lovely Spirit In Switzerland

The complete story about Trance in Switzerland!

Author: Tuso aka DJ ResQ
Date: Jun 16, 2005
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Lovely Spirit In Switzerland

Memories, unique and hardly to put in words. Open air parties I will never forget. The Swiss Trance Scene re-aroused my passion for Psytrance Culture. Be it by the pictorial landscape, the lovely people, fantastic deco, or the eclectic music. This combination makes the small country in the alps a trance paradise, visited by great artists from all over the world.

Switzerland has a very special scene. Spirit is quite more aboriginal than in other European countries, people seem to be deeply involved into the culture and art behind our beloved music. They are extraordinary, extreme, freaked out! Like the weather - high on the mountains, you have to be prepared for everything. On last year's Atmosphere a snowstorm raised while Cosmic Tone played live - in the middle of July! Parties in the alps are full of suprises - you can immerse into another world, a world full of cutely-clothed freaks, dancing and lovely vibes reverbing from snow-covered mountains around.

Besides great festivals Switzerland offers a couple of cosy outdoor events nearly every weekend. One can assume that there will be even more small events and new party organisers this year. But one should not disregard the wide range of indoor events. The metropolitan area of Zürich belongs to one of the regions with the highest club density for electronic music. Whilst full-on reigns outdoor, progressive dominates the clubs.

The heart of the scene is the interzone webpage. Nearly all parties are posted there and the site contains additional ressources like party reports and a large linkbase.

Most of the great open airs will take place in 2005 again. To decide between Atmosphere and Geometrix (both July 29 to August 1) is one of my greatest sorrows this year :) The other larger open airs do not overlap so far, you shouldn't miss V.I.R.U.S.  (July 15 to 17) and Merkaba (August 5 to 7). Other special events are Skarabaeus, Elmazing Night and possibly open airs at Mesoocco, Melchsee-Frutt and the Viamala canyon. Interzone may help ;-)

Unfortunately, police controls increased within the last years. And it is more and more difficult for organisers to get authorizations for their parties. But compared to the trouble in other countries, the disposal of the executive authority keeps in a well tolerable limit.

2004 has been a very successful year for artists and labels based in Switzerland. To give a detailed report would go beyond of the scope of this article. Silent Sphere have released a great album last summer, another one is to follow in April. A new Thujon release is planned as well, like it’s the case with Rumble Pack (former Blue Vortex).

But far more important than release dates are the tendencies to weld together the scene. Therefore a new Swiss Goa Pool will be published this year on the internet and a Swiss artist booking office is planned. I'm looking foward to another year full of incredible parties.



Tuso aka DJ ResQ :)

DJ, founder of Klangarena association ( web community holds lots of photos and reports mainly on Swiss parties), mushroom magazine

Date: Jun 16, 2005
Text: Tuso aka DJ ResQ :)
Photos: Tuso aka DJ ResQ, Psyberpunk
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005


  • Population 7,3 million people
  • Switzerland is devided into three parts with the languages German, French and Italian. Trance culture mainly is to be found in the “German“ part.
  • Entrance fees to events are quite ok, but keep in mind that accomodation and things like food and drinks are quite expensive in Switzerland.




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