Spirit Base Festival 2012

Author: Tomrom
Date: May 11, 2012
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The Land of the Water Dragon in Hungary Austria biggest Psytrance Festival goes to Hungary

The Austrian Psytrance Festival Spirit base goes to Hungary for its 10-years-anniversary in this spring. The 5-days-festival will take place on a 15 hectare large island in the Danube floodplains near the Hungarian village of Rajka, right at the border of Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The fans from all over Europe will experience 120 live-acts and DJs of different styles from Psytrance, Goa, Progressive and Chillout. Two stages, psychedelic decoration of dragons, projections, visuals and a laser show will turn the beautiful location into the land of the water dragon.

Last year several thousand fans came to the 9th edition of Spirit Base Festival to Ernstbrunn in Lower Austria. Because of exploding regulations of the Austrian authorities the organizer decided to move to Hungary. The new location is just about 40 minutes from Vienna and 15 minutes from Bratislava and is situated on an island near the Hungarian village of Rajka right behind the Austrian border at the village of Nickelsdorf.

The Chinese year of the water dragon inspired the organiser team for 2012. The main floor is right between two old streams of the Danube River and will be built in form of a huge dragon by the famous decoration crew of the Hungarian Ozora festival. 25 huge UV backdrops of the Austrian artist Psypix will lead the dancers to a world beyond this world. Projections of Sikanda, 3D-visuals, blacklight spheres and a laser show of Kularis from Germany will turn the island into a land of the water dragon. The festival starts on Wednesday midnight with a grand display of fireworks to the 10-years-anniversary. 60 live-acts and 60 DJs from more than 20 countries will play music non-stop from Wednesday to Monday.

The range of music will be wide: Progressive Trance, Full-On, Dark Psy, Morning Trance, Oldschool and Spacy Ambient. The 120 artists will come from all over Europe, Russia, Latin- and South America but also from Austria and Hungary. The line-up is full of famous names: Mc Coy’s SUN Project, Ultravoice, Psysex, Bamboo Forest, Aerospace, Alpha, Feuerhake, Bim and many others. Next to the main floor DJ Gobayashi and his Astralzone will host a huge circus tent lavishly decorated with three-dimensional dragons. Responsible for the decoration in the tent is the British decoration group The Frogz from Spain. The tent will provide Progressive Trance by night and Chillout by day. Visual projections will be performed by El Geko, Buzz-T (Psynema), the Funny Astronaut and Sikanda. Many surprises and fire shows will complete the festival.

Beside a special tent with restaurant there will be a market area with international cuisine and Indian chai shops. Also Trance wear, jewellery and party tools will be sold at the nearly 30 shops. The camping ground will be in plantation of 1,500 walnut trees directly on the island. Next to the main floor a beach at the river stream will be provided for bathing. The Hungarian village of Rajka can be reached from Vienna by train. A shuttle bus will take people from Rajka to the festival. The festival tickets for six days will cost between 30 and 90 Euros. Cheaper pre-sale festival passes cost 70 Euros on www.spirit-base.at and at Eventim sales points in Eastern Europe.


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