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Author: Henry
Date: May 19, 2005
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Date: May 19, 2005
Text: Henry

Sonic Vista Studios: Mastering Studio based in Ibiza, Spain. We focus on Mastering of Electronic Music. Worldwide client base. Class-A studio equipment and very experienced ears. Clients include: GMS, Spun Records, Vision Quest, Mind Control, Harmonia Records, Pacha Ibiza, Apple iTunes, Om Records.. etc... Please visit website for more info:


Below is the full client list..

L.Henry Sarmiento II
Mastering Engineer
Tel: 0034-627151117

Mastering Clients:

Apple iTunes- Bloc Party- Sy Klopps Sessions
Apple iTunes- Death From Above 1979- Sy Klopps Sessions
Mark Farina and Derek Carter-Live at OM- Om Records
Mark Farina- Mushroom Jazz 3- Om Records
Mark Farina- Connect- Om Records
Mark Farina- Air Farina- Om Records
DJ Colette- Om Records
Kaskade- In the Moment- OmRecords
Marques Wyatt- Horizons- Om Records
Marques Wyatt- For Those Who Like To Get Down- Om Records
Lance and JT Mix CD- San Francisco Sessions-Om Records
J Boogie DubTronic Science Live in the Mix- Om Records
Arnold Jarvis - What Goes Around- Transport Recordings
Miguel Migs- Mr. O mix- Transport Recordings
Naked Music NYC- Reconstructed Soul- Om Records
King Britt- Scuba Sessions- Om Records
Soulstice - Mixed Illusions- Om Records
People Under The Stairs- Om Records
King Kooba- Indian Summer- Om Records
Various Artist- Deep Con 4- Om Records
Landside- drum + bossa- Om Records
Luis Lopez- Pacha Recordings-Ibiza
Angel Linde- Pacha Recordings-Ibiza
Sara Main- Pacha Recordings- Ibiza

GMS- Spun Records
Wrecked Machines- Spun Records
Remote Viewing- Spun Records
Father and Son- Spun Records
Zero Gravity COMP- Spun Records
Hypernova-Spun Records
XXL- Spun Records
Cryus the Virus - Spun Records
Shanti Matkin-Spun Records
Multiple Organisms- Nice Dreams
Bio Tonic- Solstice Music International- Japan
Quadra- Solstice Music International- Japan
Mekkanikka- Spirt Zone Recordings
Sirius_isness- Resolution of Quality- Moon Spirit Records
Sirius_isness- Children of the Matrix- Mind Contol Records
Ibiza 10am- Harmonia Records
Wizzy Noise- Harmonia Records
Sum Sindhu Records- Madrid
Surge- House Trks- Ibiza
Beatmaster G-BeatBox 100% Vocal-Album-Ibiza
Rolling Stones- Rehearsals-unreleased(Brian Jones Last Sessions
Saul Kato-Kerowack
The Moontrane Conductors- Egg Beats Records
WaterJuice- San Francisco,CA

Etch Brothers- Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light GO!- Santa Cruz,CA
Etch Brothers- PR Mix-Santa Cruz, CA
Hideo Kobayashi- House is a Feeling Records!- Toyko, Japan
Hideo Kobayashi- Yellow Diamond
Bacchus- Release Records/ Global Phonic
DJ Donovon- Hotel W
Tuff & Mello - Teach You How To Fly- Transport Recordings
DJ MFR - West Coast Excursion-Transport Recordings
DJ MFR featuring Indra Jones- Transport Recordings
DJ MFR - The Winter Textures - Transport Recordings
DJ MFR - Solar Projections- Transport Recordings
Satin Souls - Aziza- Transport Recordings
Franky Boissy & Vincent Kwok feat Indra Jones - Think Twice-Transport Recordings
Arabian Nights- Six Degrees
Luis Radio- Rome, Italy
Dj Said
GarcyNoise- Justified Cause Recordings -Barcelona
Juinor Lopez- Justified Cause Recordings Barcelona
Gary B- Chill out- Ibiza
Dub House- Jah Love Recordings
Jackie Green- Dreamworks- Bill Thompson Management
Starship- Greatest Hits -Bill Thompson Management
You Said Saturday- Peter Scott
Dionysia- CD1 & CD 2
Octavius- Audio Noir
Sanjay- Sundance Film
Shanunna Hall/P-Funk- EP


Apple Itunes
OM Records
Pacha Recordings- Ibiza,Spain
Spun Records
Vision Quest- Japan
Solstice Music International- Japan
Mind Control
Harmonia Records
Nice Dreams
Justified Cause Recordings
Transport Recordings
Six Degrees Records
Spirt Zone Records
Global Phonic /Release Records
Jah Love Recordings
Deep Construction
Egg Beats Records
Vaporvent Record
SweetGroove Music
Bill Thompson Management

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