Author: Alienatix
Date: May 12, 2005
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Date: May 12, 2005
Text: Alienatix -

Kadasarva project was created in 2003 as a result of previous musical projects known as Quizzz and Virtus. And a person that stands behind these names is musician, dj, designer, creative artist and confirmed experimentalist of the weird sound extraction - Alex Volkov (aka Orbal) from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Evolving from one track to another, Kadasarva composes noticeably non ordinary psytrance music, often disseminating strange samples or tones. His experience and deep knowledge of contemporary sound synthesis and its practical application bring perfect results.

Playing as a dj from 1996, Orbal continues his trance mission in our present days, but now as a musician. Kadasarva is an often guest of different parties in Ukraine, and his music is approved by variety of grateful dancefloors.

His first professional tracks appeared at the first compilation of Ukrainian electronic label Innertion in 2002. Developing its own sound and techniques, Kadasarva brings us wonderful “Cold Lake EP” at Psyshine Records in 2003.

The year 2004 presented the united work of Kadasarva and Excel – their split album “Innertion Psysession”. Cooperation of two talented artists was more than successful, enriching each other’s attitude to trance music. At the same time Kadasarva started his work on new album.

Currently the album is finished, mastered and ready for production at Psyshine Records in late January 2005.

Kadasarva brings us fresh and qualitative waves of his feelings, giving his individual answer to the question: what is the modern sound of
psychedelic music?

The great feature of this album is that some tracks have broken percussion. Kadasarva restores forgotten traditions of break trance,
founded in 90s by legendary projects such as Digitalis and Metal Spark. Together with strong bass lines and synthetic loops, these broken tracks are real dancefloor madness.

Psyshine Records brings this music to all people worldwide as a fresh contribution to the modern psytrance scene from the ancient Slavic land of

More info: www.psyshine.org.ua/projects/kadasarva.phtml#eng

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