David Normal

Author: Roberdo
Date: Dec 27, 2010
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Aesthetic, funny but sometimes also pretty dismal and weird: Welcome to the world of David Normal! The psychedelic and visionary paintings of this artist are meant to be watched very carefully with many details and metaphors to discover...

I consider "Conception" to be the sequel to the painting "Chemical Imbalance". Whereas Chemical Imbalance was a general allegory for action and reaction, Conception represents biological action. It is the creation and destruction of life, and the degeneration of that process. 




"Chemical Imbalance" is a depiction of change from one state of being to another state. It explores the moment after your choice is made but the outcome is still unknown, yet there is simply no turning back. It is an expression of the chemical reaction that cannot be reversed, and whose result, for better or worse, weighs in the balance . . . a "Chemical Imbalance."




This was intended to be a preparatory sketch for a larger painting executed on silk that was to be a part of a grandiose series of paintings called the “Ethereal Battle”.   This ethereal battle was intended to be a depiction of the death and rebirth of worlds – a vast eschatological exegesis of visions.  Yep.  Too much, too high of a concept, and – guess what? – it never got finished.  But a few decent sketches were made, and my interest in working with silk began.


I kind of forget what this is supposed to represent exactly, but it had a specific meaning having to do with the hindu concept of “Maya”, and the vanity of technology; i.e.; the vanity of the material world as opposed to the transcendental world of spirit.  Hmm . . . I think if you take away the explanation people will come up with whatever interpretation they like – so, just forget I said that.  It’s about insects, optical illusions, and laboratory glassware.


For More of David's work o for his website!



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