Just Dance!

Author: Sergi ad Dharma
Date: Jun 25, 2010
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Dance Globally – Connect Locally : Urban Gatherings in the beautiful Vancouver to support local charities

Just Dance! This is the simple and direct slogan that names an event that three times a month, for the last 17 years (yes, 17 years!) has been happening in the magnificent city of Vancouver, west coast of Canada, in the splendorous, magical and beautiful British Columbia!

 Just Dance! is a "positive party" community event offering a unique opportunity to dance to an eclectic selection of music from around the world. Just Dance is a non-profit event that has supported many local charities. It is a refreshing and open Global Fusion dance alternative where people are free to be themselves, connect and dance however they are inspired!


I've been in Just Dance! just few times in the last 2 years, but all of them I could experience very similar good sensations!!! Dance freely through the hypnotic rhythms and get energized with the good vibes from the people is the common there!! J

Held on in an old theatre in the 4th Av. of the nice Kitsilano neighbourhood, it provides a different dance floor than the ones we like the most, in our outdoor gatherings and festivals while the full moon and eclipses, but I can assure you a very similar atmosphere is get there! I played a couple of times there, and the attitude of the people is so nice and open, that one unexpected night even to listen to more psy electronic frequencies (for most of them these are rhythms that rarely listen to them) response to them was really good!!! J


For sure Canada, and particularly British Columbia, with its vast, great, superb, astonishing Nature and Biodiversity, is one of the best places worldwide to celebrate the outdoor Gatherings of the Tribes, but no doubt Just Dance! provides a great complement to them and is a reference itself!

Boom Shankar ***


By Sergi ad Dharma

(background and basics info provided by DJ Abbheru)





DJ Abheeru


Originally from Quebec City, Abheeru discovered World Music first hand during his many travels to over 40 countries. Many twists and turns took him to Vancouver where he found the community he had been looking for. This inspired him to create, seventeen years ago, Just Dance as a contribution at first to his community and then to the larger Vancouver community. During all those years, he cultivated a profound and rapturous relationship to Global Fusion music, DJing, dancing, connecting and community service.




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