Haiti Charity Raffle

Author: Triskele
Date: Apr 4, 2010
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Right guys ... so we have been really at it collecting some well groovy prizes to RAFFLE. This is another GREAT way to raise some funds...

The raffle will be held at the HAITI APPEAL PROJECT Event on the 9th April, 2010 at 3am. BUT this is open to anyone!

We will make a list and any persons NOT at the event and not able to collect we will post the prizes to the following week.

As there are some SERIOUSLY killer prizes, were assuming some people may want to buy more than one ticket so we have made it easier by offering more for less...

£1 for 1

£4 for 5

£7 for 10

Remember this is ALL for donation, 100% will go back into the fund to go to DEC.




1X Glade

1x Waveform

1x Sunrise

1x Alchemy

1x Solstice Ruigoord NL



2X Glade

2x Waveform

2x Sunrise

2x Alchemy

2x Solstice Ruigoord NL

- More possibly to come



Shpongle - Are You Shpongled

Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible

Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost

Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland

Shpongle - Live in Concert DVD Roundhouse

Hallucinogen - Twisted

Hallucinogen - Demented

*all the above never played and signed by Simon Posford


Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict/Cor  (Vinyl)  TIP/BlueRoom                        

Green Nuns of the Revolution - The Afterburner EP (vinyl)  Flying Rhino                   

Green Nuns of the Revolution - The Green Nunions/Ring Of Fire (Eat Static rmx) (vinyl) Flying Rhino

Danny Howells & Dick Trevor - KinkyFunk (Vinyl) Yoshitoshi Recordings                               

*all the above never played and signed by Dick Trevor                     


A Bottle of Champagne from Club Colosseum


£20 voucher for Digital Downloads at Aboriginal Records download shop http://aboriginalrecordings.ithinkmusic.com/my-store/index.php


NANO CD bundle of 10 releases

Alchemy CD bundle of  10 releases

Liquid CD bundle of 10 releases

Neurobiotic CD bundle of 10 releases

Bom Shanka CD bundle of 6 releases

Interchill CD bundle of 6 releases

2 x Wildthings CD bundle of  5 releases

Interchill CD bundle of 4 releases


8 x 10CD mixed bundles

20 x 5CD mixed bundles


Mixed bundles host a wide range of styles from downtempo to trance, prog to dub. CDs donated from labels such as: Nano, Liquid, Alchemy, Neurobiotic, Exogenic, Transient, Maia, Free Spirit, Hearts Eye, Phar Psyde, Sabretooth, Wampus, Fiin, Space Boogie, Hippie Killer Prod, Pukka Music, Samsara, Vision, Ajana, Sacred Media, Aboriginal, Cosmic Theatre

Tickets will also be available on the night... but you know how it is when you have 4£ left and it is between raffle ticket and that last drink.... at that point reason goes for the drink LOL ;-)

Save yourself the worry of pocket change and go on and GET YOURS NOW !



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