Good old times...

Author: Roberdo
Date: Sep 19, 2009
Views: 2143

Too much "Electro" and "Minimal" (all the same in the end!) at Trance parties! We want Psy Trance! Frequent quotes on festival acres during the past outdoor season. But there used to be other times: This video just reminded me that blissful moment at VooV 2003, when Hippies and Clubbers, Goa veterans and festival first-timers had a wonderful, euphoric and fucking good time- ALL TOGETHER, listening to some serious House tunes, which where played also at clubs half of the VooV visitors would not even get into because of the dresscode! My personal reminder that things used to be different not too long ago and my petition for more open-minded hedonism and musical humor at parties and festivals again:




Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 10.10.2009 11:39:51

keep "trancing" Roberdo! ;)

Author: yak / Date: 09.10.2009 18:40:59

Keep your mind open.....thank you for positive energy...nothing else matters!!!

Author: Roberdo / Date: 19.09.2009 11:31:55

Thanks to everyone who is looking rather for a wicked time then a certain music style!

Author: Slackjoint / Date: 19.09.2009 11:23:58

Thank you!

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