Switch - I want more (Phonokol)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Aug 13, 2009
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It was a funny coincidence, how I got aware of this album: I was browsing a digital music store for some crunchy Electro House stuff, which I am pretty much fond of since some time. I have already a few remixes by this artist called Switch in my collection, stuff one would most probably never hear at a Trance party. Suddenly I realized that Switch also had quite some releases in the Psy Trance sector available. I thought it would be some kind of confusing but a short research taught me better. So I was pretty excited when I received this promo from Isralien Phonokol Records.



1. I want more
2. Flow
3. Pump It
4. Let the Bass Be Louder
5. Black and White - Spiral (SWITCH RMX)
6. Blow Your Speakers
7. Infectious Stuff
8. I Feel So Free (Switch Vs.Ultravoice RMX)
9. Switch Vs. Melicia - Come around Here
10. Irad Brant - Keeps you Moving



Already the first track reveals that Iam listening to the same dud, who has done those Electro House tracks: The basslines and the rhythm structure and -all above- the speed is typical Full On and distictly Phonokol style. But the sounds within in tracks clearly remind Electro House: They are damaged, sick and lunatic. I really like that. Though I am not really a Full On freak otherwise, this one is pretty cool and my head starts nodding as by magic. Track number two is less Electro styled, rather classical Full On with excessive melodies that are a little too cheesy for my taste, but well- there is more to go. The next track brings back that nice Electro manner. It seems like the tracks alternate in this respect, one rather classical, the next more nu styled. By the way: The very last track gives an impression what this dude is doing beside Psy Trance, it also carries the name of his moniker Irad Brand.

All together a pretty good Full On release - A me lazy-assed Proggy dude saying this is -without being imodest- really a compliment!

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