Mindwave - Escape From Reality (Phonokol Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 23, 2009
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After listening to the first bars of this new promo CD, I am checking the cover again. But yes, it comes from Phonokol Records! Well, big surprise then: The very first track is nothing else but a top notch Progressive stomper, positive, dreamy and laid back.

1. Aero
2. Liquid
3. Rebirth
4. Escape From Reality
5. Life In Overdrive
6. Skywalker
7. Ancient Future
8. Beyond Logic
9. Like A Butterfly
10. Vertical Illusion




Well, track two gains some speed but still I hardly would describe this sound as Full On: Rather decent percussions, therefore very rich melodies that evolve and mutate over minutes. Number three is the first tune that features the typical sixteenth note Full On bass line but still it is no hyperactive start-stop-start music that woofes from my speakers but really sophisticated melodies and carefully arranged sound layers. The speed and drive of the music increases while heading the mid of this CD but never ever there is any hectic or stressy moment within the music. Also tempos seldom exceed the 140 impacts per minute. There is no loss of pressure, though a few tracks approach the border of kitsch with their melodies but never really cross it. Also the variety among the different tracks is definitely given. So if this is the new approach of Phonokol: Keep doing it! Full On music with a cinematic touch, deep and pschedelic. I would absolutely not wonder to find this release also in the case of the one or the other Progressive DJ.

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