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Author: Jean Claude
Date: Jul 10, 2009
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Dear brothers and sisters, may peace love and light be always with you wherever you might be right now. What will follow is an informative article that I, Jean Claude made up while traveling in Asia, meeting Trance maniacs all over the place looking for good Trance events and it includes some experiences other people have had over here.

Don't get too lost in Trance in Asia or do but take all the necessary precautions!

Many countries in Asia are very poor all kinds of criminality is there. I hope none of you in the future will become a victim of this 'Organised Crime' ; at least not after reading this article.

The aim of these series of articles is to open your eyes on the realities we have to face when traveling and partying in Asia.

This article contains information from real-life situations that occured to our brothers and sisters out there, I would also like to add that these facts should not frighten us nor make us think twice if to go or not, but simply to make us understand clearly what's happening and which measures to take to avoid trouble.

This is a list of tips that should be followed - The Safety Comandments

Never ever carry any drugs on you.

Never leave any drugs in your room/tent/hut/bungalow ( dig a hole outside at night time and only access it in the night )

Never trust locals - They might be the best actors on the planet , even Brad Pitt would be jealous - they will make you believe they're your best friends and when they get your trust they will find it very easy to trick you; be very careful - never buy anything from them.

More on Locals - Sex is the best weapon in their arsenal , since most of us are looking for it , these predators will come to your bed possibly drug you and take all your possessions - you shall wake up and find that your room has been cleaned like never before or worse they might just leave a bag full of goodies in your room to then have a face to face with the narcotic inspector just a few minutes after the shark has swum out of your aquarium. This is a Rule - Never invite any locals in your room.

Passport - I'd take photocopies of my passport and leave it in a safe deposit of a trusted bank - do not carry it with you - do not show it around - do not hide it in your room, you would be surprised to find out how much cash they can make on your book when sold to the mafia - Don't give them the opportunity to cash on you.

Money - Credit Card is safest, never withdraw too much, the less cash you have on you the better ;  i wouldn't carry traveller's cheques there's too much fraud going on.

Drugs - If you really need to get sorted find a foreigner not a local never buy any large quantities either and if you have to carry them around keep them in your underwear.
Mind you some foreigners have already been caught by the police so they make an agreement and they sell you to them ( they are called informers ) , all you have to do is buy somethng from them or from one of the gang - don't forget this is why it's called organised crime ; the law enforcers who should be protecting you are just waiting for you to make the smallest of mistakes so they can skin you up and they have many eyes and ears everywhere. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Drug Tests - Occasionally police raid parties and arrest everyone inside they usually surround the whole area and the chances of escaping are narrow. If they do stay calm, stay very cool , you can choose not to speak but if you do say absolutely nothing essential to them , most often use " I don't know " , most importantly do not sign any paper , most of the times it will be in their language not translated and it would be a statement from you saying that you admit of possessing only God knows what they say you have been caught with - it's usually kilos. Do not mention any names and never admit it's yours even if it's very evident never admit . One drug that isn't traceable yet on drug tests is acid since they don't have the necessary tests just yet.

Choose your company wisely - Be careful who you hang out with in places like Goa-India , Kophanghan-Thailand , Nepal and Malaysia - many eyes could be on you simply because you have unknowingly been in the company of someone who's being watched.

Dancing Shiva the Cosmic Dancer aka Twisted Nature

In the next article i will go into more detail on how ' organised crime ' works , who are they ,what do they do , how do they work , how do i protect myself from them ?

Love, Peace and Light to all of you.

Author: 604tokay / Date: 14.07.2009 02:48:13

another important thing
if got a friend make sure to visit the parents.
give them some money to survive, 50 euro is a month salery in most of these country. The Familie bonding is 10 times stronger then in our western culture.
if their parrents like you, they would never insult them.
Learn to understand the asian mind

Author: 604tokay / Date: 14.07.2009 02:29:34

First of all, this is nothing new to me.
Lived for a couple of years in indonesia.

Best weapon is to understand their language.
Second, never ever take drugs anywhere.
Live time prison or death penalty could be your reward.

3th, a good friend or girlfriend is your best protection.
treath them right and be generous, it's a small offer to be safe.
and if in need of some company, find them in the small villages
definite not in the big city's or popular places.

Any conflict with police, keep talkin german by instance (not english)
they will be confused and let you go :)

Just stay away from drugs, let the music be your drug
enjoy the good food and the weather

BooM Namaste 6o4-t

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