Ancient Beach

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 17, 2009
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When Nozomi Nakamura released his debut album “Another Heaven” one year back, he rapidly gained popularity in the scene around Tokyo and was invited to play at the biggest festivals in Japan. Now he is back with “Cloned Heaven” which includes remixes of his first album as well as a completely new song.

Nozomi realized that he gained much more production skills since his last album and that he is nowadays even more able to express his feeling through music. So he took in the mood of his last album again and completely worked over the tracks. The result is fast and strong Full On stuff but always with a certain edge of harmony and also humor. His style reflects the mentality of most Japanese people who are very respectful and friendly to others, love to party hard but avoid aggressions and fights. And so it's a big compliment for Ancient Beach when people are smiling and dancing to his music.

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