V.A. - Natural Born Chillers 2 (Aleph Zero Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 16, 2009
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The first issue of the Natural Born Chillers series rose quite some enthusiasm among lovers of ambient music so this CD has been expected with very high anticipation. And also I am really excited when putting this silverling into the CD player.


01 Hibernation - Hibernation
02 Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (Ott remix)
03 3 Wise Monkeys - It's Gonna Rain
04 Majan - Explore It
05 Tau Kita - Flying in the Rain
06 Interlaced - Insologic
07 Agalactia with Midival Punditz - Aatmatyaag
08 Midival Punditz - Vande Maataram (Electro Indian mix)
09 Outersect - Kali Ma
10 Pi - Numb
11 Eitan Reiter - Coffee


The journey starts off with a really slow and tranquilizing track by Hibernation. I can virtually smell the hash or opium in the air, a really hypnotic tune that might sound best when returning from a party or getting comfortable with your partner. But the flow doesn’t stay that lazy, already track number two massages my abdominal wall with cosy basses. Music that is laid back but still inspiring, my head starts nodding and when getting up from my desk I find my hips moving too. But actually we are already at the third track which continues this nice atmosphere with a really good groove and heaps of psychedelic sound effects that work a little bit like an acoustic joint. The compilation continues like a good compilation should continue: Variating but still keeping a certain flow, a certain style. What reaches my ears is high-class psychedelic Chill Out and again I am convinced of the quality of Aleph Zero Records. There is always some instrumental sound in the tracks which mixes up perfect with the electronic arrangement. Another favourite on this CD is the track by Agalactia with Midival Punditz that creates a very oriental atmosphere with its sitar sounds and its frisky synth leads. Natural Born Chillers 2 has an increase, a climax (don’t ask me which track it is exactly ;) and a decrease. So the last tracks feature a pretty opium-flavoured atmosphere again, very quiet and very psychedelic. So the very last title reminds me what to catch after this all together really recommendable compilation: Coffee.


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