Author: Roberdo
Date: Apr 2, 2009
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indi'dginus n. Organica (Music. Esp. of electronica, downbeat, psybient, chillout, IDM, world fusion, progressive trance, psychedelic trance & general sonic shenanigans); singular live PA; hence ~² evocative electronic music & organic soundscapes infusion. In other words, good mood music...

Which band posters did you have in your room as a teenager?

Def Leppard in my early teens (oh dear), Ministry & Nine Inch Nails in my late teens….

What was the first electronic record you possessed?

Erasure “The Circus” I think….

What was your first experience with producing music (using which gear, & when)?

My first experience of producing music on my own was around 2000 using Fruity Loops on an AMD Athlon 450Mhz pc with a 4Gb hard drive! I felt like such a legend.

What was the biggest compliment for you as a musician?

Recently I was told after a gig by someone that I had made them happy. That for me is the ultimate compliment I could ever receive. And on another occasion, I was told to keep on playing my didg & not get a day job ;)

What was the best party you played at?

That’s a tough one – there have been lots of enjoyable parties. It does take a lot to beat the South African outdoor parties though…. We are blessed to have so many stunning spots in nature to groove in.

What was the worst fuck up you experienced as a musician?

Not understanding signal flow properly on a mixing desk & then spending the majority of my set frantically trying to figure out why the didg wasn’t coming through the system! Wasn’t a very pleasant experience…. Got there in the end though….

What was the last record you bought?

AR Rahman “Guru”.

Which instruments do you play?

Slide didgeridoo.

What’s your favourite drink?

Tea! Rooibos cappuccinos are the bomb.

What’s your favourite production gear?

My setup is very compact. My laptop (IBM-Lenovo ThinkPad) is the main-stay of my studio.  I used to make frequent use of my Virus Indigo keyboard until it broke a while back (it’s been retired to the garden shed). So now I mostly do everything using plug-ins (really dig the Waves suite & the Audio Damage suite) & vsti’s (I use Halion quite a lot. Native Instruments make outstanding vsti’s, & all Rob Papen’s synths are amazing….) in Cubase SX3.

With whom did you have your last phone call?

Grant Dreyer. We discussed a last minute change of venue for the Vortex Easter festival. My “Feast or Famine” album cover was the catalyst – apparently the local Christian community felt it was Satanic! In their eyes I’m right up there with Black Sabbath.

Any hobbies left besides music?

I wish I could say I am involved in some bizarrely intriguing or exotic pastimes, but the truth of it is that in my spare time these days I really enjoy films, books, swimming in the sea & walking! Guess I’m getting old…. ;)

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