We Interface

Author: Damion
Date: Jan 10, 2005
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We Interface
Gravity Plus (Germany) / Solstice (Japan)

Strewth. Okay, let me rephrase that: Christ on a Sedgeway. Or, to rephrase again: Shiva H. Vishnu on a tractor, eating Nachos and whistling polly-wolly-doodle, waving his hands in the air (and wavin Nem like he just donbt cay-yerr). This is a bit good. Itbs been on heavy rotation here since it arrived, and for two reasons: one, because itbs very very good and two, to see if therebs a kind of half-life to it; will overkill kick in? Well, it certainly hasnbt yet, and this has to be one of the freshest, most kickin, most surprising albums of 2004. X-Dream alienated a lot of fans with 2002bs awkward Irritant; and while We Interface has some sonic similarities, to say that the soundbs are the same just isnbt true. The shift thatbs happened here is a little like Wizzy Noise in their wonderful changeover from Cyclotron to Electro Theater; where they found their groove, rooted to the floor, baggy and defiant. X-Dream too have become more organic, more rooted: therebs less of the caustic, more of the melodic. Itbs become party music again, but party music that retains its bladerunner, future-far-from-perfect vibe to give it that nice edge. I do suggest, however, that you check it before you buy. Vocals, of which there are plenty, are provided by American cyber-bird Ariel, and while for the most part they work (she sounds more like a computer than a human, so it fits) some people will find them uncomfortable. Likewise the album has a tendency to slide into a sort of cyber-homoerotic amyl-hardhouse, which the present writer thinks is blinding but, again, some will detest. Whatbs unquestionable, however, is the power behind this music. Some of the biggest sounds, and the biggest arrangements, heard in years; it begs to be played on a large system and I just hope therebs enough discerning DJs out there to make that as much of a reality as possible. Standout tracks, there arenbt any. This is an album where the tracks are like subroutines; X-Dream have invented this new and deviant circuitry which is cycling though its possibilities. Chucking up tracks like fractals, itbs a joyous and addictive sound and raises the bar once more. Of all the CDbs youbll buy this year, youbll still be playing We Interface in 2006.



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