Free Nano Tracks: Round 2

Some NEW FREE NANO tracks

Author: NANO Records
Date: Feb 16, 2009
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We here at Nano have some great news for you; to help you enjoy the week and reach the weekend with ease, we have released 3 more FREE Nano tracks on our website by 3 insane acts. They are:

The reverberating sophistication of Chromatone and Earthling have joined forces to bring you Everblast - Shiva Chillum

The formidable duo of Atomic Pulse and Echotek, known as Strike Twice - Strike 1

And last but not least a monster new track from their second album, The Commercial Hippies - Like I Do

So, yes, we know right now we have put a smile on your dial, so get to the website after you have read the following:

Nano Records is, as close as a Joey is to its mother, to releasing our exclusive online EP's. So keep watching your inbox for the release date. These EP's will be available from your favourite online music stores, such as; Beatport and iTunes and featuring; Chromatone, Hopi, Strike Twice, Everblast, Dickster and Burn In Noise, plus a whole lot more.

Have a super week!

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