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Author: Dakini
Date: Nov 14, 2008
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Dakini (aka Becca Dakini) is a cultural creative &artist actively participating within the Australian and internationalfestival/electronic music community as a: dj, producer, project manager, eventcoordinator, writer, journalist, editor, décor artist, holistic therapist,ritual performer, truthseeker, consciousness explorer and visionary dreamer.Her hometown is Melbourne, Australia but she perceives herself as a globalcitizen of the currently emerging conscious & creative culture.


As a dj, Dakini has been captivating dancefloors at major outdoorfestivals all over Australia and New Zealand since 1999, evolving through genreafter genre of hypnotic sonics over the years. Originally known for playingprogressive trance records on sunrise dancefloors in the Australian outdoors,Dakini's dj style now spans many lush and bass heavy sonic genres and she isoften dubbed the “Chill Specialist” – minimal intelligent glitch beats,dubtronica, dubhouse & dubstep grooves, IDM, deep minimal tech, breakbeatz,lush temple beats, downbeat, psydub & ambient shamanic soundscapes. One ofAustralia’s longstanding female artists, she has been known to work adancefloor with an infectious bassline or entrance an entire chill stage withbeautiful sonic splendour at Australia’s largest international outdoor eventssince the turn of the millenium.


She has played at numerous large & small international outdoorfestivals/events/clubs in Australia & New Zealand over the last 11 yearssuch as: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earthdance International Festival for Peace,Tribeadelic Gathering, Maya Festival, Earthcore, Earthfreq Festival,Phonoscope, Exodus Cybertribal Gathering, Akasha Festival, Submerge ChillFestival, Island Time Festival, Earthdream, Outback Eclipse Festival, CairnsWinter Solstice Festival, Parihaka Peace Festival, Canaan Downs Festival andmany more.


Dakini has featured on lineups playing alongside artists such as : Aes Dana,Eat Static, Ott, Kaya Project, Monolake, Adham Shaikh, Simon Posford, Shulman,Spoonbill, Gus Till, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Freq Nasty, Antix, Vibrasphere,Bassnectar, Gotan Project, Fat Freddy's Drop, Salmonella Dub, Pitch Black andmany more.


She is the co-founder of Australia’s premiere international chillfestival (Submerge Chill Festival) & past editor/coordinator ofinternational enTRANCE Magazine. Not only has she contributed extensively tothe international festival community for the past 10 years as anartist/promoter/writer/creator, she has also worked on the production of mostof the outdoor electronic music festivals around Australia since 2000. ResonantTemple is her production company specialising in event production, decor &design. She is also a resident dj alongside artists Kickbong & Nova on www.fluid-radio.co.uk , an onlineinternational chill radio station based out of London.


Dakini is touring the 2008/2009 Australian & New Zealand Summer FestivalCircuit before moving to Europe in 2009 to continue musical & creativecollaboration internationally.




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