Interview with Liquid Soul

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Date: Oct 2, 2008
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Nicola Capobianco about music production, world improvement and his new album

HI Nicola. Pls tell us about your self and your back ground for starting as a electronic music producer!

It started in 1993 when I disocevered electronic music. First stuff I was in contact with, was the label of sven väth (Eye q rec). From that moment on, I fell in love with trance music; till now. After a very short time, that I was a consumer of this music, I started to get a DJ and tried to produce my own trakcs. The first view years of producing, I did  euro trance and in 2001 I’ve staerted with my still lasting project Liquid Soul.

Tell us about from where you get your inspiration!

Most of my inspiration, I get from travelling around in the world – meeting people, and of all the experiences I get, while I am in different countries. Of course, I also do listen alot of other music, too, to get ideas, which I let flow into my own sound.

Please describe your studio and hardware!

I use Logic 5.5 (PC) and Logic 8 (mac) with all the well known plugs. Beside of that, I have a Virus Indigo 2, a Nordlead 2 and 3, Korg R-3, a TC Powercore and a UAD-Card. My Interface is a MOTU828 and I do monitoring with Tannoy Speakers.

Which place or places in the world do you think the trance scene is most professional and best?

Best place to play for me, is Brazil. It’s mostly well organized and we do have big productions with many crazy people. Also Japan is one of my favorite. They also do account on high quality with advanced technology setups.

What are you doing to make the world a better place to be?

I see myself in that part of the one, who shares feelings through the music – I try to make people happy, with my sound. I think, world needs more love, respect and good vibes.

Which music do u prefer to listen at home?

Beside all the techno stuff I listen to, I like listen to chill out music. My favourite label is
Ultimate Records. They have the understanding, to take you on a imaginary journey.

What are your plans with life the day you are to old to travel all the time?

I do not think about that yet. I just do enjoy as long as I can. But I guess, I’ll never stop to produce music, ‚cause it’s my passion. So, I will get old and fat in my studio ;-).

Give us three words that describes your music!

Passion , energy & love

Do you have other projects besides Liquid Soul?

Actually i have two other main projects beside Liquid Soul. One of them is called Earsugar witch i am doing with my friend and label partner Martin. The other project I call Sleek, which goes more to the minimal techno side.

Tell us something about your new album „Love in stereo“!

Well, i spend more then one year in the studio for my second album. Each track is individual and tells his own story. I think i was able to make another pure liquid soul album, full of love and emotion.

Thanks a lot for the interview and good luck with the album!

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