Liquid Soul - Love In Stereo (Iboga Rec.)

Album review by Roberdo

Author: Roberdo
Date: Sep 25, 2008
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Where was this dude on August 17th 2008? Where was his music? It was a shiny bright day, heaps of beautiful people around me in the wonderful countryside at the reservoir in Idanha-a-Nova. But Sunday afternoon at Boom festival offered only hard, rather hectic sounds which somehow contrasted in a pretty bizarre way with the whole surroundings… This would have been the moment for the unique sound of Liquid Soul: Music with intelligence, music with soul. Well, two years back we had the pleasure to listen to the sounds of this very talented dude from Zürich, Switzerland down there in Portugal.


So lets stop spreading laurels straight on  and get back to serious review work. “Love In Stereo” is not a synonym for group sex but the name of the brand new Liquid Soul album which landed on my desk today. Turning up the volume and listening to it for a while reveals the reason for this name pretty soon: This sound carries emotions and that is why it really deserves the name music! But at very first the production quality is really a pleasure to listen to: The whole arrangement works like a swiss clockwork made only from the best materials. The kickdrum is absolutely forcing and the soundscape which is created is simply giant. This definitely depends on  the now 15 years lasting experience as a DJ and producer Nicola Capobianco has in his back. The arrangements are tidied up, adulut in some way, and nevertheless really psychedelic and driving. Most tracks offer the typical offbeat bassline but also the faster ones on this album are still relaxed and easy in their mood. The melodies remind me a little bit of oldschool Psy Trance as well as some gated vocals do.


Unlike some other recent Trance albums this one offers a pretty large variety of tracks. Of course in the end  the tracks sound a little bit similar to each other but that’s pretty normal for an album. The eight dance tracks plus one Chill Out groove feature a nice bandwidth of Progressive Trance.


Unfortunately its fall over here in central Europe now. Good choice that Mr. Liquid Soul will start his Brazil tour soon… For one thing is sure: This is for the summer!


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