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Author: Spencer
Date: Nov 24, 2004
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Australian DJ Spencer joined Alchemy Records as Label DJ and A&R Manager in August 2001. After being involved in the Australian outdoor party scene for three years in the late nineties, Spencer moved to London in 1999 and was turned on by the full-on London underground trance vibe. Influenced by a wide range of musical styles from chill-out to Techno and Industrial Metal, Spencer has played guitar and keyboards in various bands over the last ten years. Spencer hosted several radio shows on the west coast of Australia for three years, including Liquid Sky Dreaming and Club Napalm on local university radio stations.

Co-producer of tracks such as Ultima and Spektral Monkey with South African producer Rinkadink and most recently with Groundzero (DJ Shane Gobi and Rizo Kadosh from Dark Soho), he is currently working on his own live full-on project the Flaming Hoons.

DJ Spencer has played many gigs in Australia, India, UK, Sweden, Czech Republic and the Omni festival in Spain. His sets are always funky progressing from full on night time killers to uplifting morning grooves.

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