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Online Global Bohemian Lifestyle Boutique at www.6362MetaForce.net

6362MetaForce (www.6362MetaForce.net)
brings you the fashion, music, events & community of the global grooving underground -
from psy to chillout and more. Check us out for handmade leather/suede utility belts, skirts, belt bags & other party gear with stones, fringe, & ohm designs - made by and for bohemian dreamers worldwide!
Also: killer jewelry from India, Ecuador & Israel, and - of course - a music shop that includes CDs, digidownloads, &
FREE DJ sets for your enjoyment! Come & visit us at www.6362MetaForce.net or write to us at info@6362MetaForce.net. ...BooM....


Author: Motaexete / Date: 21.05.2012 16:12:22

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