Native Harmonics Records (NZ)

Author: DJ Maia
Date: Jul 3, 2008
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Reflecting the vibrant electronic music scene evolving in New Zealand, Native Harmonics presents fresh, high quality, funky grooves with a psychedelic twist.

Native Harmonics from New Zealand is a new label with an ear for the tribal, the innovative and the deeply psychedelic.

With a focus on New Zealand acts, Native Harmonics offers a platform to showcase the increasing number of highly talented producers who have been charging up the dancefloors with beats that are refreshingly unique, intelligent and mindbendingly powerful.

Native Harmonics’ first release, “Earthbeatz“, skilfully merges a stimulating diversity of rhythms from Dub, Breaks, D&B, Psytrance, Tribal and downbeat grooves. Eight artists from New Zealand and two from Australia convey their ongoing inspirations from nature in this compelling journey through mystic forests, twilight hours, the dark of night and the liquid light of sunrise.

Behind the record label is Maia, a well-known Psytrance DJ in NZ, label DJ for Organic Records (UK), and organiser of numerous music events, including the earth friendly festival Luminate.

Native Harmonics logo


Check it out and listen here.

Buy Earthbeatz CD on line (or as mp3 downloads) from Amplifier:


Artists - we're always interested to hear your music, whether you're from New Zealand, Australia or elsewhere. If you have music to send, Contact us

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