Author: sleepy
Date: Jun 6, 2008
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Founded in 1999, Deltaforce is team who organise electronic music, particularly goa and psytrance parties in the french part of Switzerland. Our aim is to provide quality non commercial parties and cutting edge events. Since almost 10 years we have organised numerous outdoor and indoor events in the beautiful region of Canton de Vaud. Lately it has been more and more difficult to organize parties in our country, especially when it is open air, because of difficulties to obtain legal permits and licences. This situation has caused a big harm to the swiss psytrance scene, constantely reducing the number of parties and organisators and therefore breaking the hype for psychedelic music events. In 2006 and 2007 we could not find an appropriate venue for our main event, the Sysmix Open Air. Nevertheless, we keep on trying to find the perfect spots and give our best to make our parties unforgettable. We believe that we have the right and freedom to have fun and dance in a peaceful, positive and creative atmosphere. We know many of you share the same spirit !

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