The Ambient Garden

Presented by DJ Mikadho - Side Liner live set

Author: Mikadho
Date: May 14, 2008
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Chaishop Music News presents "The Ambient Garden" - a new monthly journey through the world of chillout, ambient, lounge and downtempo.

This show is being presented by DJ Mikadho ( / Cosmicleaf Records).
After the show we got a chillout LIVE set of Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records – Greece), Recorded Live at Reef @ 19 April 2008.

Play the music review show:

1. Ovnimoon – 2 Guys, together (unreleased)
2. Mirror System – Flex-E-Fun (Klangwirkstoff Records)
3. Side Liner, Stickleback + Arcane Trickster - Something To Remember (Cosmicleaf Records)
4. Hol Baumann - Benares (Varanaci edit) (Ultimae Records)
5. Redlounge Orchestra – L´espace Ouvert (unreleased – High Music)
6. Zero Cult – Z51 (Cosmicleaf Records)
7. Mauxuam – Viavai (Interchill Records)
8. Side Liner - Differente (rmx For Tim Vekka) (Cosmicleaf Records)
9. Side Liner - Once Way To Paradise (Y.S.E. / Millennium Records)
10. Professor Nineteen – Queen Tambourine (unreleased)


Play the set: Side Liner - Recorded Live at Reef @ 19 April 2008

01. Side Liner - Once Upon A Time
Side Liner - Once Upon A Time (Cosmicleaf)
02. Radical Distortion - India (Side Liner remix)
Radical Distortion - Regenesis (Unicorn Music)
03. Side Liner vs Will O' The Wisp - Soul Path
VA Nova Natura 2 (Cosmicleaf)
04. Side Liner - Subconscious Games
VA Chill On Ice second edition (Cosmicleaf)
05. Side Line - New Order
Side Liner - My Guardian Angel (Cosmicleaf)
06. Side Liner - Life Support
VA Nova Natura 3 (Cosmicleaf)
07. Terra Nine - Brain (Side Liner remix)
Terra Nine - Strange Craft (Tempest)
08. Side Liner - Morning Dewdrops (MLT remix)
Side Liner - Once Upon A Time (Cosmicleaf)
09. Side Liner - Far East
Side Liner - My Guardian Angel (Cosmicleaf)
10. Side Liner vs Cydelix - Nightmare's Music Box remix
Side Liner - My Guardian Angel (Cosmicleaf)

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