Italy: From acid sounds to melodic trance

Author: Jimmy 9 aka Supernatural
Date: Apr 28, 2008
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By the mid-1990s electronic underground music was becoming more and more popular genre in clubs and discos in Italy. At the same time however, people began gathering in small parties where they could follow a trend which in other countries had already been perceived as a proper movement: the trance movement.

Trance music itself has undergone a significant change over the years in Italy. At the beginning Goa trance and the acid sounds were the most played styles at parties. The sound then became more melodic and harmonic with more emotion and less acid and then it all end up in the present full-on and progressive which represent the two most liked genres in Italy nowadays.


Lot of young people however like the minimal style the most. This genre is simply the “old progressive” revised and rearranged to a tempo of 145–155 BPM, and it is usually played by young Italian and foreign producers. Minimal music is sometimes considered to be a subgenre of psychedelic trance but as a matter of fact it has nothing to do with the usual psy-sounds promoted in the rest of the world.


As far as a general Italian outline is concerned it could be argued that the Trance movement has gained popularity for different reasons. Firstly, lots of parties take place every week. They are of various kinds, some are bigger and others are smaller and they feature every sort of psy and even the entry fees vary from cheap to really expansive. Most parties are organized in the North and Central regions especially in cities such as Bologna, Milan, Turin, Padua, Florence and so on. The best festivals are usually open-air, for example the Sonica Festival, Summer Celebration and Magnetic Moon that are considered to be the main ones.


Some of the most important events have been promoted in the last few years by some Italian organizations, namely Veleno Staff, MK, Looney Moon, Sound Splatters, Trancemission, Goa Spirit, Technoexperience, Neosphere, Electronic Brain, M.S.C.M.A and many others with the help of some Italian decorator teams,together have created impressive settings for their events. Among these teams are Neuro-sys.lab, Psy Fly, Fasù, Moon Flowers, Atlantix, Paramatma, Psycho, and so on. Thanks to the quality and peculiarity of their works these decorator teams can be said to have recently equalled the most esteemed foreign ones. Last but not the least , Italy offers some of psy trance’s greatests artists and some record labels that promote their works such as Neurobiotic, Magma, Pixan, Solarsiv, Fabula and Veleno.

It could be stated that the trance movement has reached its peak and its major expansion in Italy but there is always the other side of the coin. The fact that more and more people are following this trend could be regarded as a good way to spread the trance philosophy, mentality, music and spirit, which brings the genre’s epic quality.



Jimmy 9 aka Supernatural
DJ, producer, member of Veleno staff and Pointzero rec.

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