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DJ Seb (Sonkite) in the mix

Author: Arash Atman
Date: Apr 24, 2008
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Chaishop Music News presents "Electronic Soundscapes" - a bi-monthly journey through the world of chillout, ambient, lounge and downtempo.

This show is being presented by DJ Arash Atman (Electronic Soundscapes - Greece).

Play the music review show:

1) Ian Ion - To my future past ( Gringo Locomotion ) [ Chill Tribe Records }
2) Ultimax - Noir ( Future Memories ) [ Interchill records ]
3) Pan Electric - Always a Way Back Up (Conscious Pilot) [ Absolute Ambient.Com ]
4) The Orb - Beautiful Day ( The Dream ) [ Liquid Sound Design ]
5) The Black Seeds - Almost Home - Jet Jaguar Remix- ( On a Dubmission volume one ) [ Wakyo / Dubmission Records ]
6) Liquid Stranger - Splash Matters ( The Invisible Conquest ) [ Interchill Records ]
7) Mauxuam - Extended Body ( Viceversa ) [ Interchill Records ]
8) The Orb - High Noon ( The Dream ) [ Liquid Sound Design ]
9) Dreamtree Project - Dreamtree ( Jadur Madur ) [ Sonic Turtle Music ]

After the show we got a chillout set of DJ Seb (Minilogue - Sweden).

Akinori – Red Field
The Beautiful Schizophonic – Cantiques a la glorie
Martine Jules – Aile D’aigle
Johann Johannsson – ibm 729 II Magnetic tape unit
Mountains – Down under the manhattan bridge
Koss- Air
Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Jinx
Jan Jelinek – A concert for television
Minilogue – even the wind seemed in deep sleep
Biosphere – from a solid to a liquid
Killer Bong – I will finnish it by tomorrow
Solo Andata – Midnight
IMPS – Bubble & Squeak
Biosphere – Arafura
Tortoise – Blue station
Porn Sword Tobacco – Copyright the universe
Tenniscoats – Hirei
Oren Ambarchi – Happy Ending
Aphex Twin – Ambient (1-3)
Minilogue – Stations I
Minilogue – Stations II
Minilogue – Stations III

The debut album Minilogue - Animals will be released on Cocoon recordings this week, both on vinyl and double CD (one dance & one ambient/electronica). This album is the biggest reason for the lackness of Son Kite music the last couple of years but we believe that many of you that have followed our Son Kite music in the past will find the album very interesting; deep, dirty & psychedelic .

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