Trance means for me...

... getting high just on music ...

Author: Sarah°
Date: Mar 19, 2008
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My first experience in the trance scene (dated 3.5 years back) were... eeehm *lookingforthesimpelrightword* AMAZING! In summer 2004 my sister wanted me to join her at the, at that moment unknown to me, VOOV festival. At that time in my life it took alot of consideration if I should go there... didn't know what I was to expect at this famous psychedelic open air. Finally after persistent persuasion from my sis I deciced to go - I took the time to recover in her boyfriend's van on the way to VOOV!

On arrival at the location, I was overcome by all the scents, colors, people... I felt pretty comfortable on the spur of the moment. After I built-up my tent and got my bearings at the location, the opening of VOOV began. I was fascinated!! Amazing psychedelic input... can't explain in words in which way I felt the energy and vibe... mine and that of the other participants. The music started and I began to dance - still shy due to all the new impressions.

Later, during the second night at the mainfloor, I had an experience which I would have never expected. Briefly said: I got pretty high just on music! To explain the state I was in, the words are amiss - but I think that everyone who has experienced trance have thier own stories to tell. Back home, I needed a couple of days to cope with the VOOV experience. I was looking back to all the things that happened... especially the moment that I got high just on music on that fantasic dancefloor. In that moment I became aware of the sense and meaning of the trance movement. The word "trance" made sense! Some of you may think "oh no! How stupid is she? How couldn't she know the sense of trance". In fact. I didn't know, how could I? But I do know now!

I await every summer impatiently with its psychedelic open airs year for year, I'm deeply grateful for all the other experiences I have had and also for all the friendly, lovely and warm-hearted people I have got to know in the trance scene during the past years.
Me sitting between some of the friendly, lovely and warm-hearted people I have got to know in the trance scene during the past years.

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