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9 records that changed her life

Author: Sally Doolally
Date: Mar 1, 2008
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Sally Doolally - 9 records that changed my life


Shannon – Let The Music Play

This track takes me way back to my teens and to the really early electro movement in UK, where body popping and break dancing were the new thing.

Herbie Hancock – Rockit

An absolute classic of its time and this could be where it really started for me. This vinyl still rocks  and is one I am really proud to have in my collection.

Shades Of Rhythm – The Sound Of Eden

When I hear this track I get goosebumps. Memories of travelling all over England to massive warehouse raves, dancing with thousands of people and experiencing one loved up vibe, hugging plenty of strangers ; )  Shades of Rhythm were my favourite live act of that time. AMAZING! .

Adamski & Seal – Killer

My first encounter with the voice of Seal and since that day I am a huge fan of all his songs. This man has the voice of an angel and writes lyrics from another world.

Degrees Of Motion – Shine On

Now we move into my clubby years in London and this track is an anthem from that time. Parties like Cheeky People, Pushka and Renaissance is where I was at, sharing some of the best memories of my life with close friends.

Leftfield – Leftism

The soundtrack from my first travels to India and Goa in 1994. Timeless. Needless to say these were life changing experiences for me, especially for my music taste. Returning to London and checking out parties like Return to the Source and Pendragon with Djs like Mark Allen and Tsuyoshi as some of my favourites from that time.

Xtreme – Out Here We Are Stoned

Again its a Goa memory, I guess the title says it all ; )

Son Kite – On Air

Its really hard to choose just one track from these guys, as I am the biggest fan of all their productions, not only as Son Kite but also as Minilogue and Cooler. I can honestly say there would be a big empty hole in my life without the work from these boys. Legends.

Infusion – Spike

First heard this track at the Outback Eclipse Festival in Australia and it completely spun my world around. From that moment on I was a huge fan of Infusion and I began to play a different sound once again : )

Author: imaginario / Date: 03.03.2008 18:49:42

When you say "Xtreme" maybe you are referring to "X Dream". The song "Out here we are stoned" is a song that this great german band created in the nineties.

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