23 questions to Fred Dado

Author: Michele Adamson
Date: Feb 21, 2008
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Deedrah, Transwave, Dado... Fred Dado is a very busy musician. Nevertheless he found time to answer 23 questions from Michele Adamson.



01 Good Lord, did you have a pasty for breakfast?

first of all you can call me fred, i am not a lord and i am not that good. second i come from this part of france where we have fried snails and froglegs for breakfast .

02 who is better looking dino or shanti?

well ,it s real hard for me to answer to this question as they are both equally handsome beautiful pieces of ass. but honestly why do you think they wear masks!?

03 you're a bit slinky fingered on the old ivories. where did you learn to play piano?

on my house piano , when i was 5 .my dad bough it for my sister . i was instructed to touch the black notes only and when i am ten i was able to touch the white ones .did you know each piano have 7 invisible keys. these trigger emotions and feelings to the audioence .....

04 you have a new project KROME ANGELS with shanti matkin and dino psaras. how is it touring with other artists?

well it s better than being alone , on stage or travelllng really. and i have a sore back so they carry my luggage for me

05 i see you a lot in Brazil what keeps you coming back there?

it s close to argentina!

06 you've been based in Ibiza for some time now.

8 years

how do you think the island and it's inimitable vibe has influenced your music?

i think the light of the island enlightened my productions. even if my studio has no windows . go figure!

07 you're reknowned on the scene as a top talent, keeping it real in a sea of increasingly crowd pandering sound.

i am also reknowed as having the longest ..... ever. does it make me a better man?

do you think your dance moves help keep the kids in touch with reality?

michele please.....

08 what computer are you using now?

numerous macs . also pc when i am desperate .

are you running your music editing software in leopard?

yes 10.5.2 all the way . work s better if your wear leopard underwear too. i use soundtrack pro for editing. i love it s non destructive editing cubase style . i use ( still ) metasynth for extreme tweakening and logic pro does the rest. but i use more and more of my old geazers the analog synth. you know, synthesizers in boxes?

09 what sound card do you take on tour?

focusrite saffire . output level is really high . and it s got a great preamp for recording voices like the one of ...... mmmmmmmmmaria carey

10 what is the worst thing in psytrance at the moment?

the music

11 what is the best ?

the silence at the end of the party

12 i know of Deedrah, Transwave, GBU, Federico Baltimore, Krome Angels & Dado. am i missing any projects for your already bulging agenda?

you miss some that you d better miss . oh ! and a project with riktam called i put my fingers in my nose and i think it makes a noise and also more seriously midicops with koxbox

when will you be unleashing your new material on the world?

i am currently producing dimitri nakov's new LP and a new compilation for reunion records ( athens ) . we just finished the cd for KA and transwave's fourth album is nearly finished. (and nearly nice as they say in japan ! )

13 do you check yourself?


14 do you wreck yourself?


15 what are your dreams for musical possibilities?

full surround in 192khs resolution . i won t stop till i get there . and then i ll go back to transverse flute

16 in GBU who is the good?

it s me

17 who is your best mate?

my macbook pro .

18 how long is your week?

7 days . and yours. ( before i had weeks of 6 days 72 but then i had synchro problems.

19 what was the last youtube video you saw?

do you really want me to give readers this link michele??? are you ready for it at last?

20 do you like dags?

you know i am allergic to dags. also cots , pigs. cows and some women. well , mostly to women .

21 what is the scariest movie you have seen?

blair witch project .and zeitgeist .

22 who is your favourite artist?

i think dangerous dave . peter gabriel . at the momment i loooove the beatles. go figure!

23 what do you do in your studio when you think no one is looking?

i answer questions to silly interviews!





Interview by Michele Adamson


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