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Author: Kyoko
Date: Sep 23, 2004
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BOM ODORI 28-29 Aug 2004 - Time Table

20:00-22:30 3M
22:30-23:40 CLUTCH (Live)
23:40-02:10 STEVE ACTIVE vs. LA BAAZ
02:10-04:10 TONIO
04:10-05:20 PASTE (Live)
05:20-07:50 XV KILIST vs. ROCCO
07:50-09:00 LA BAAZ (Live)
09:00-11:30 COSMIX
11:30-13:00 XV KILIST (Live)
13:00-15:00 Stefan(1track) - Cosmix(1hour) -Tonio(1hour)

I enterd the venue very early morning on the day of Bom Odori 2004, and then we saw a quite big spider on his beautiful web(in the early morning). If you see spider on morning(asa-gumo), according to a lore, it mean propitious omen(predict good luck). we have superstition like this... (incidentally, we saw a snake and pink-mushroom, too.)

The party BOM ODORI organized by TRANCE CAFE is now 5th on this year. Before the party, we were worried about weather, because there are many typhoon in summer season(specially on this summer). But fortunately, we didnt need to care about it, only sometime we got mist and it was no problem at all! Thats just as well, it helped more of a time to create a magical atomosphere throughout the venue by symmetry of thick fog and laser lighting. Under the situation goes more difficult to find venue for open air party, this was the first open air party at this place kawaba-camp-site(by car, takes 3hours from tokyo). In a beautiful place with placid local people and mountains, the flat dance floor was easy to dance. At this place, crazy,funny, and very polite people gathered for this party and dancing all night long. Even at camping site in forest includes of bungalow, you can feel sound(music) go through into your body smoothly. So whole the venue was covered by nice atomosphere. One of the most impression things was no cigarette butt or trash at all on the floor during the whole party, really awesome!!! People kept it clean and behave naturally by using handy-ashtray, empty-can or even put in a pocket! Beautiful people you are!

3M(Aki,Kon/Primitive) who are family of Trance Cafe regularly, opened Bom Odori 2004 played by ping-pong. Their funky dj-set made dance floor warm up in tune and next to Clutch(a.k.a. Tonio/Trance Cafe) live-set. Some of his tracks are out on labels Maniac I..Q. rec./B.P.F. rec./Sub Machine rec.(in soon). He improves with his live-set since begining of 2004 and he is an up-and-coming artist! And Trance Cafe called over Patrick(La Baaz, Paste), Stefan(Paste), Kilian(XV Kilist), Ramon(Rocco), and Klaus(Cosmix) for playing at Bom Odori 2004. They are all friends and flight from Zurich(Switzerland). And they are familiar artists since they already have played for Trance Cafe before. Like this family relationships connect to all people who come too, and create crazy-warm atomosphere. This is special to Trance Cafe, I pause to realize...

On the climax of XV-Kilist live set, even after the 1st encore, there were mighty encore and nobody moved from dance floor. So for that, Trance Cafe made decision to extend more 2hours party with their gratitude! That's the way to go, only Trance Cafe could do that!

As soon as after Bom Odori 2004, there are many nice message on BBS of Trance Cafe, this year too. We had really nice party! Arigato- to Trance Cafe, Primitive, Patrick, Stefan, Kilian, Ramon, Klaus and All who came or supported for this party. Thanks for providing a real sense of fulfillment. It was very comfortable party anywhere anytime and dancing-laughing a lot! I miss these time on this party... And we are looking forward to next party TRANCE CAFE!!

3M - Aki and Kon (Primitive) jpn CLUTCH a.k.a. Tonio (Trance Cafe) jpn/ger

PASTE - Patrick a.k.a. La Baaz and Stefan a.k.a. Steve Active (Interzone Rec.) swi

XV Kilist and Rocco (Traktor Schalllabor Rec.) swi

Cosmix (Return to the source) ger

god hand!? what a beautiful, how to play!!

XV KILIST (Spiral Trax Rec. / Traktor Schalllabor Rec.) swi

''nine''(no) with smiling.
(decline 2nd encore.)
for sure, he must be tired...

Vj/Biogon Pictures Family - Deco/Pink Haze & Delay the Mogu - Lighting/View Point. U(Bazzland) - Sound/M.M.U

and us!(crazy,funky,funny dancers)

photo by Ooku, Kyoko

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