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Date: Aug 6, 2004
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? what is Satyr
! in ancient Greek times, Satyr was the horned messenger of the Eleusis forest god Dionysos, stalking the youth of nearby villages and attracting them with his hypnotizing Musick. After following him into the forest of Eleusis, the crowd of adolescents was offered the Brew of Dionysos, which made them fall into Trance and perform the Ritual of Dance untill broad daylight, rhythmatically reaching higher levels of joy, powered by the omnipresent life energy of Gaia, guided by the Divine Groove of Satyr.

? where is Satyr
! in our common present, the forests are nearly extinct and Dionysos has grown shy and more carefull where to share his Brew. In these times, the spirit of Satyr inhabits the body of an average human boy, born and raised in the concrete jungle of Amsterdam.

? does he still play the Panflute
! the Panflute has become an artefact in captivity, held safe and sound behind glass in the archeological musea of the Vatican, never to hypnotize innocent youth again. Searching for a new way to spread the hypnotizing vibe of the forest, Satyr plays SL and CDJ instruments, which fit the job quite nicely. However, as people are quite hard of hearing nowadays, at least a nicely pounding crispy soundsystem is acquired to adjust the sound and stir up the ongrowing crowds. The chosen vibe for the Ritual of Dance is carried by Psychedelic Trance, a style of Musick that can raise enough hairs on a person\'s back to grow old Dionysos a brand new 5foot beard! Yet to give both brain and feet a rest from the Dance, Satyr has developed an equal skill to Chill Out.

? where\'s the party
! the party started in 1990, when Satyr visited an abandoned warehouse on the eastern wing of the Amsterdam harbour, where a Houseparty was taking place. The crowd was dancing to early Acid, played on SL\'s by a local dj, and stayed entranced till far after Sunrise. Happily astound by this spontaneous revival of the Divine Groove, Satyr woke up Dionysos and told him the Dawn of a New Day had arrived. After a few years he managed to carry the ancient Forest Groove of Eleusis into effect with the SL instrument, pacing up small crowds with early Trance and energetic Techno or chill them out with different flavours of the Ambient type. With the onset of Psychedelic Trance, he experienced the deepest hybrid between people and music, the deepest this far on the temporal ladders of human existence - the Spiral Party. The gathering itself, people joining in dance to enjoy the Trance created by acidophilus creatures, telepathically choosing to wear the colors of the Eleusis forests, diving into the drive of the Musick, shining with Love, glowing like Light, with closed eyes and open minds - Ritual reborn. After some benign Amsterdam systems offered him some time in the SL Console to guide the party crowd thru the Eleusis Groove, Satyr felt the original Trance flow back into his horns and out of his tail. In that instant, Dionysos strectched his cerebral hemispheres and started passing the brew around, happily once again ... and hence with ye Party!
Since then, Satyr played Musick whilst Dionysos stirred his Brew in and at and on and on:
Brasil: Universo Paralello Bahia 2003/2004, Psyzone Carnaval festival (outdoor Varginha), Wanted 13 (outdoor Vitoria), Revival in Goa (outdoor Sao Jorge), Cafe Chill Out (Sao Paulo), Club A (Sao Paulo)
Belgium: Senseblender festival 2001 & 2002, Balls in Space, Newyears 2000/2001 in Gent, Liquidelic & Welcome to the Madgik & Trance 2 Light (Bruxelles 2002 & 2003), and ... !
Portugal: Boom festival 2000 - in chaishop & on afterparty
Slovakia: Re:exhibition Party - FluoroBotanics meet Children of the Fluo Forest (Maravany 2001)
USA: \'Stuart Little\' Halloween party (Ithaka/NY 1997)
Germany: VooV Experience 2003, Atmosphere (Berlin 2003 & 2004)
Netherlands: 9 Lifes of Hofmann (many events since the First Life in 1999), Empathy (i.d. since 1996), Children of the Fluo Forest (i.d since 1999), LucidSpaceDance, THT2012, Namaste, Trance Buddha, Goatrance Karaoke with Steven HC at Het Ballonnenfeest (Paradiso 2000), Operation Brainstorm, Dancevalley 2003 & 2004 (Namaste area), Bom Voyage, Mutual Hypnosis, Ruigoord, Sub United, Conscious Dreams, 12 Psychedelics, Tree-O-Tree, 020, Alien Vibes, Nachtschade, Aknathon, Zirk
and many more in past and future times.

? is there a way to find this Eleusis Groove
! --

? a Satyr says what
\"The Music plays my Body like an Instrument that brings my Mind into Trance\"

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