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Author: Evy Magoulas
Date: May 13, 2004
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This Interview was done for an article that has been published in UK Dance Magazine in May 2004. The article itself contains excerpts from the interview. Here\'s the full interview.

Interview by: Evy Magoulas

Explain what it is you do & your involvement within the scene.

I\'m founder and manager of - one of the main trance culture websites - and DJ. My mission is to connect the worldwide trance scenes, spread the idea of trance culture and give ideas.

How did you become involved?

Beeing interested in Trance and Internet alike I started Chaishop together with Markus & Cynthia of Taifun Design in 1997. Mat of Mushroom Magazine joined shortly after. The appreciation was massive and so Chaishop evolved as well as our involvement.

We\'re interested to find out how the Psy movement functions in such a flourishing/ organic way without involving mainstream channels (advertising in mainstream dance press/ listings etc) & what do you see as the key to its ongoing success?

First to say: Psytrance is not Underground anymore in many countries and often works with the same mechanisms that every other music scene works with.

Still some of the initial ideas remain and are reason for this vivid, peaceful and active scene. Those could be:
- Interaction: Everybody can be a performer or artist. Participation instead consuming.
- Music: Psytrance is music for the mind. Intelligent music attracts intelligent people. (What happens to them after five years of partying is a different story)
- Drugs: The type of drugs consumed shape a scene. Psytrance culture starts worldwide with psychedelic drugs. People prefer to smoke rather than drink alcohol. After some years this dilutes.
- Nature: Trancers like to party in nature which is more healthy for your body & mind and offers amazing experiences with the variety of worldwide locations.
- Internationalality: Many Trancers like to travel. Travel widens your horizon and international trance gatherings are the climax of cultural exchange.
- Passion: Still most of the people working in the Trance Scene do their job with great passion and often under lowest budgets. This doesn\'t leave much space for money makers.

\"Word of mouth is the best advertising!\"

Do you ever see It crossing over into mainstream circles?

This is happening in every country that Trance is successful. People want better sound, bigger artists, better deco, etc.. This leads to straighter organisation, higher ticket costs, more advertising - the approach to mainstream. The master question is: \"Is Trance mainstream compatible?\" In some countries Trance became mainstream, i.e. Israel or Macedonia. Maybe in some other it will never become - which is to hope!

Do you think mainstream exposure is beneficial to what you do?

In some way yes (higher quality productions, introduction of our ideals & ideas to a bigger crowd), in another way no (less vibe, dilution of our ideals).

However a standstill is deadly so there will allways be either a growth or decline of the movement. A growth automatically leads towards mainstream.

Where do you see the music/ scene heading in the future?

In some countries Trance will become mainstream for a limited time. In others the Trance Scene will split in two subscenes, one \"back-to-the-roots= underground\" and one \"commercial\". In some countries Trance will decline.

The music is generally getting more professionally produced and the spectrum of trance music widens. This leads to a consolidation of artists to a small Pop-Star (but still not comparable with mainstream) league and a countless number of \"unknown\" producers.

What was the best party you\'ve been to so far & please give a brief explanation as to why?

Oh don\'t ask this \"mainstream\" questions! ;->

The \"best party\" is always a personal experience so no need to mention this here. Anyhow I\'ve been to many amazing festivals like Samothraki Festival in Greece last Year, Boom Festival 2002 in Portugal, Voov Experience 2003 in Germany, Ypy Poty 2001 in Brasil, Fusion Festival 2003 in Germany. All these parties were a melting pot of impressions and culture, of beautiful and interesting people and wonderful nature!

Also, any final thoughts you\'d like to add considering a lot of people who will be reading this article have no idea of the inner working/ meaning of Psyceadelic music/ events etc.

Visit a trance open air Festival and find out for yourself if you like it or not. Parties are the core and motor of our scene. Trance is the best dance music. Don\'t be deterred from travelling some hundered kilometers for it. And if you wanna know where, here\'s your travel guide:

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