The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy

The new Trance Travel Guide is out!

Author: sam
Date: Mar 24, 2004
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Mar 24, 2004 - Text: Sam

After four months of intensive work it's done - mushroom's and Chaishop's new magazine - The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy - is out!

The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy is the travelling trancer’s friend. It’s a new annual overview about the galaxy’s trance-infected destinations. On 56 full-color pages it bursts of information to review, choose and enjoy alien trance worlds. The 27 country profiles contain general info as well as trance related history, artists, labels, parties, shops, links, contacts ... It is spiced up with amazing photos from the countries. On top it contains a calendar to stay ”up-to-trance” all the time!

For those of you interested to buy the magazine (it costs about EUR/USD 2), please check the Sales Points Page. If you want to help in distribution please check the Shops Page! Feedback is very welcome to and if you want to get involved in the next edition (Deadline January 31st, 2005) please also contact this address.

The online version of the Trancers Guide will follow a bit later.

Check out:


The Trancers Guide Calendar


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