Candyflip Rec. News

November 2003 - Two new releases are coming soon

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Date: Dec 1, 2003
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Candyflip Rec. News

December 2003 - Two new releases are coming soon

Mountain High compilation (CDCF06) compiled by Alex Candy. This is the first chill-out/ downbeat release coming from Candyflip Records, including 11 previously unreleased tracks from 10 projects : 3 from France, 2 from the UK, 2 from Sweden, 2 from Israel and 1 from Greece. A top class international compilation including names such as Vibrasphere, Nada, Jviews (Jonathan-Violet Vision, side-project), Kick Bong, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Cell, Triac & Sharon, Indidginus, Intocyrcle. Mastering was handled by Ultimae Records from France, a label which specializes in top quality chill-out releases.

Debut album of Phacelift "Path of Pathos" (CDCF07). The long awaited debut album from Kostas (ex-Magus), also known as Phacelift & Muthafunskster, featuring 10 tracks. Following releases on various labels worldwide over the past few years, Kostas presents the cream of his work and his unique approach to groovy dancefloor music in this debut album. Intelligent Groovy Psy Trance music with a progressive touch, also combining the clever use of samples and melodies.

Other Label News :

The upcoming Candyflip releases (digipack) will feature bar codes.

There are two brand new members in the Candyflip pool of djs. First is dj Igor, who is based in France and works with Solstice Records. The second member is the internationally well known top class dj, James Monroe (UK), the leading dj from the legendary Flying Rhino label.

Scheduled upcoming releases also include the debut album of Neologic "Groove Logic" (Neologic = Echotek + Safi connection), the debut album by 12 Moons, the second album by Healer, a cd single with remixes to Wizzy Noise with more surprises under way.

Candyflip Rec. has moved offices and is now based at : Ermou 75, Thessaloniki. The office telephone number is : ++302310-242732.

The recent problems faced with the web hosting of the labelÇs internet site and email communication have now been restored and everything is fully functional.

The Reviews section of the labelÇs web-site has been updated and included reviews of all the Candyflip releases to date.

On the 28th of November Candyflip will be present on the party organised by 360 Degrees at Cabana club, Ladadika area, Thessaloniki. DJ Stratos and Kostas (Phacelift) are included in the dj line-up while Kostas will also play LIVE his upcoming debut album "Path of Pathos" for the first time.

Candyflip Records
PO Box 50505

Office tel : ++302310242732
Mobile: ++306937675669 (Alex),
++306946039413 (Stratos)

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