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Author: Juggler
Date: Nov 20, 2003
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Date: Nov 20, 2003
Text by Juggler

Juggler: First of all, tell me a little about your history, how did you begin
activity, why,...

TZ: In the 1999 me and 2 friends starts to making drum`n bass and psytrance
private parties for friends, without any commercial intention. However in
the Summer 2001 we decide to make a party in the forest alone for friends,
without advertising but they had finished for appearing 300 people!!! To
the long one of the time we see that the support to the portuguese artists
were few, then we decide to create Twilight Zone.

J: Who are the members of Twilight Zone and witch functions do they perform?

TZ: Twilight Zone is corporate for three people with experience in diverse
areas such as computer science, music and entreprise management. Each one
contributes in the areas where it has more experience.

J: What were the most important partys that you have done?

TZ: For us all the parties are important, therefore each one is a different
experience where we are always to learn new things. But very important it was the first big open air party that we made in April 2002 (Psychedelic Gathering
2002), we had the presence of top bands like Infected Mushroom, Bamboo
Forest, Cosmosis, Prognosis and the dj's Otiram, Franco, Kobra Kay,
Zebra_N, Tryptamine46 among others. This year of 2003 we made something that
goes to be for the history not only of Portugal but also for the portuguese
psytrance scene, dj Otiram established a new World Record (DJ Marathon),
during 81 hours and 19 minutes he didn`t stop playing. In this party we
also had the presence of Suria, Analog Xperience and Tryambaka, and dj`s Eksco,
P_Mac, Patrick, Vortex and Fun_Gas. And we never forget Analog Pussy first
time in Portugal, Jinno an Jigga have a very strong presence on stage with thier carisma and powerfull sounds.

J: Tell me a little about your next projects, namely the partys, your
colaboration with Kadgila Records, ...

TZ: The chance to represent Kagdila Records USA ( in
Portugal appeared by dj Eksco that already was part of Kagdila Records USA and
is also dj of Twilight Zone. Kagdila Records Portugal will be responsible for the portuguese artists already represented by Kagdila Records USA, and we will look for new portuguese artists as well. We are
going to implement a virtual store online where anyone can buy Kagdila
products (cd`s, cosmicwear, etc) to the most competitive prices in the market , and Kagdila label parties will be promoted by Twilight Zone as well.
At the moment we are promoting smaller parties with portuguese bands and dj`s and i am also working on my psytrance band Quantum Leap. For 2004 we espect a great year for us, with a lot and great surprises to everyone, just stay tuned party people.

J: Your contacts, please :)


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