Author: Vlado
Date: Oct 27, 2003
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Text: Vlado

DJ Vlado ( Phantasm Records / USA ) was born 1980 in Skopje, Macedonia.
After discovering the new "goa trance" sound when he was 15 years old, he
started getting involved in the so-called trance scene. A few years of
partying was enough for him to see what people liked and what needs to be
done for a good party, so he started organizing his own parties. The
Macedonian trance scene wasn't satisfying for him as it didn't have the
international feel to it, so he decided to move and live in London where,
since 2001, he's also a part of the international magazine called
That's when he realized that the scene needs a boost of fresh artists
and ideas so he got down to discovering the philosophies of dj-ing which
seemed to come naturally for him after so many years of involvement with
He's main ambition is to promote the upcoming young artists and to bring
refreshment into the trance scene with presenting the newest sounds from
all over the world.
His style its based on psychedelic trance either with groove sounds for
the night or uplifting melodies for the day, music that brings smiles and

booking contact :
email : or
phone : ++447952243014

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