United States  Halloween Harvest Ball

Oct 31, 2003 - Nov 2, 2003, Northern California

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Date: Oct 29, 2003
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we welcome you to beautiful Humboldt county for 3 days of wonderful psytrance/chillout music, amazing vibes free mountain spring water, raw living foods, beautiful decorations, 420 raffle, costume raffleand much much more

Open Air

live acts

Mekkanikka (spirit zone)

Kode IV (Cebia Records,S.F.)

Tim (C.C.C/S.F.)

Fractal Cowboys (Earth)


Manifest (Soular records/Apolloïs lute/Portland)

RyN (ApolloïsLute/Portland)

Malcalypse (ApolloïsLute/Portland)

Quasar (EARTH)

Dylalien (Earth)

Amanda (Earth)

Gayatri (Paragon Family/Humbolt)

Chance (Paragon Family/Santa Rosa)

Brian (Fool Moon/Humbolt)

Peter (Cebia Records/s.f.)

Nikka (Spirit Zone)

Ghreg on Earth (Spectral Concepts)

Lepraconor (Sol-Tek/Santa Barbara)

G-Spot (C.C.C/S.F.)


dreamtime (C.C.C/S.F)


$20 sliding scale



website: http://www.apolloslute.com/events.html


Northern California

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