Mexico  Son Pax New Years Party

Dec 31, 2003 - Jan 3, 2004

Date: Dec 3, 2003
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This year promises to be the best experience. Alot of interesting, new things are happening.

We respect our friends that will be in Japan for New Years Eve.....but if you are lucky enough to be in the warm carribbean for winter.

Come. Enjoy white sands with tourquise waters and virgin beaches.

You can go 5 stars or you can go very shanti with a palapa (hut) on a virgin beach.
Either a travel agent soon, because it get's full very fast.

The Mexican Riviera, something for eveyone.

Music is the universal language, with which we all come together to celebrate.

May the Force be with you.

Son Pax Staff.

Open Air

Main Stage

Live Act

Atmos (Spiral Trax)Sweden

Sesto Sento (Compact) Israel

Ticon (Digital St.) Sweden

Silicon Sound (3d vs) France

D.J Sets.

Peter Digital (Digital St.) Sweden

Artists appearing on

3rd of Jan. in addition to...

Main Stage

Live Act.

Talamasca (3d vision) France

Visual Paradox (Compact) Israel

Artists appearing on

Progressive Stage

Chris Fortier (Balance) U.K.

Tini Tun (Balance) N.Y.

Mauricio K (Noiselab) Mx.

Carlos Elizondo (Noiselab) Mx

Parlange (Noise Lab) Mx

Tony Lac (Noiselab) Mx.


D.J Sets on Main Stage

Arturo (Maia) Mx

Messie (Maia) Mx

Superfly (Son Pax) Cun

Kamilo (Son Pax) Cun

Yurik (Trancelucid) T.J.

Dr. Quincy Cancun

Christian Heavy Rotation LA

Alternative Stage:


The new Generation

Psychosonic (Psycun)

Manolo (Maia) Mx

Psylent (Psycun)

Psyquences (Psycun)

Monky (Psycun)

Ray (Psycun)

Psycoithuz (Psycun)

Fino (Psycun)


Preparations are under way for this New Years Party in CanCun Playa Del Carmen!Keep tuned for all the details to come.


$35 usd


(52) (998) 874 0887


White Sand beach.

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