Belgium  GanjaTree + Looney Moon Recs presents : Purple Visions !

Feb 14, 2009 22:00:00 - Feb 15, 2009 12:00:00, Wilrijk, close to Antwerp

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Date: Feb 9, 2009
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Live: Looney Moon Live :

Nukleall (JUNESIX - Looney Moon Records) IT
Dust In Face (Looney Moon Records) IT

GanjaTree Live :

Jaws Underground (Psycore Records UK) FR
Ephedra (Trance Force Production - Goa Madness) BE
DJs: Looney Moon Dj's :

Fog Vs. Phobos(Peak records, Looney Moon Recs) IT
Momo (Loooney Moon Recs, Atlantix Tribe) IT
Nico (Atlantix Tribe) IT

GanjaTree Dj's :

Javi (Paradox Family) BE
Foose + Leech (GanjaTree - PsySky Recs) BE
Taifun + X-ider (GanjaTree) BE
2CB (GanjaTree - Starsflow) BE
Starelve (Starsflow) Vs. Chakras (Recycled Records) BE
Inada (GanjaTree, Chronomi Records) BE
PsyToad + Brainbug BE

Wilrijk, close to Antwerp

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