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Mar 21, 2009 22:00:00 - Mar 22, 2009 16:00:00, Bardowick

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Date: Mar 20, 2009
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Live: CRUX (AP Records) Japan

Crux was formed in 2003 by Japanese couple Ren and Masumi.
Ren was involving into music since he first met Hard Rock in San Francisco when he was 11.
He played in several band as a guitarist and start get into club music in early 90's.
After the experience of Psy-Trance waves, he stareted organizing small underground party in the Tokyo as a residence.
Masumi has rich background of Piano and deep interested to percussive instruments. She got into psychedelic trance scene in end of 90's and start creating tracks with computer.
Both got together in 2003 and with the same aimed goal it was naturally to start making tracks togeter. Now they moved their base to Berlin and spending life with full creativity.
CRUX 1st album "Tune Yourself" will come in later 2008 from AP Records.

-Z- ( (ShivLink Rec. / India) Hamburg

as djs Alpha is playing nowadays a kind of medium dark psy trance and
Antagon more straight dark psy. but the artist background musically is very different,
so they decided to use -Z- as a platform without the usual borderlines of (even) the dark scene consumers/producers.
a mix of 3 styles has developed to an unique -Z-
style: dark psy trance/ a bit dark full on and ebm/industrial.

ANTAGON ( mind-expansion) Hamburg
--------------Finished Forms EP out now--------------

He is into Music since the early ninetees.
At the age of twelve he started to play the Bass-Guitar and played some years in a Death Metal Demo-Band. In 1996 he started to listen to psychedelic Trance and in 1999 he started spinning CDs and Vinyl.
After some years of Djing he started in 2005 to produce his own sound which leads to his actuall Darkpsy Live-Act Project.
He played already on Festivals like the BOOM festival 2008, the Full Moon festival, Funny Moon Festival...and many more !

PARATOX (Rudraksh Records/Spontaneous Aerobics Rec.) marburg

are two guys from the middle of germany and we produce our own music since 3years...
in 1994 we heard psycedelic trance the first time in a club in "sauerland"/germany...
we first started with mixing in 1996...
in the last years we played at a lot of partys in germany and switzerland...

MIND AEROBICS (Clock-Form Rec.) Sauerland
--------------------New Proggy Live Act--------------------

At the end of 2007, Stephan and Mike want to go together as Mind Aerobics.
They are "newcomer" from the Sauerland and have fun with what they do.
Well, there is not more to tell for the moment.
Let the music speak...

steht für echten ACIDGROOVE
line up final closed

DJs: Back to Mars (Cytopia Records) Brasil
Boom--Universo Paralello

Alpha ( Hamburg
O.Z.O.R.A--Boom--VuuV--Universo Paralello--Transylvania--Full Moon--Solipse

Antagon ( mind-expansion) Hamburg
Psychedelic Wonderland--Boom

Heribert (Regenbogen) near HH
VuuV---Liquid Time---Antaris---Pyramiduna---Fusion

Lightrocker (Spiritual Healing rec.) Berlin

Mel (Meller) Hamburg
Full Moon Festival

Arkadius + Li`lMomo (Planet B.E.N rec) Harz
Psychedelic Wonderland--Indian Spirit--Psychedelic Circus

Der Loth (Waldfrieden) Osnabrück
Waldfrieden Wonderland

Sascha Flux (Attitude Rec) (Plusquam Division) Mönchengladbach

THN (N.B.O Rec.) (Forever Eden) Baesweiler

Teilchenbeschleuniger (N.B.O. rec.) Bremen

Krischka (N.B.O. rec.) Hamburg

Phunkjunk (N.B.O. rec) (Forever Eden) Düren

Psylobelix (N.B.O. crew) Aachen

Patrix (N.B.O. crew) (psycircle) Near HH
Spiritual Healing OA

line up final closed


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