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STAY TUNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; ))



1.****PSYCHOZ (Avatar Records) 2 HOURS LIVE SET****

Psychoz is solo project by Zoran Zlatkovski from Nurnberg, Germany. The project started in 1997 and had his first release "Jupiter" in 2000. In the beginning of 2002 followed his second release with 11 tracks on his debut album on Avatar Records, Israel. Psychoz has been working with experimental dark tribal project “White Teeth” including two professional drummers for live performances and has released CD for Macedonian label Lithium Records and re-released by Martins Records. His style is very unique and has elements from psycore, darkpsy, twisted, forest, experimental, industrial, tribal, morning, gothic and other variation forms of psytrance which results in releasing various tracks on most respected underground psy labels. Psychoz has been also involved in mastering of few albums and compilations. He had joined Zaikadlic Records in 2006

2.****ANDROMEDA (Dream Vision Rec / SWE)****

Anders Nilsson was born 1978 in Sweden and grew up in a well-educated, music-orientated family with his father being a great violinist and key-harp player and a well respected classic music theater manager. The mother was playing violin in young age as well as being involved in Swedish folk music. With this atmosphere Anders practically grew up in a kindergarten of musical possibilities. He conducted choirs at age of 7 and bought his first synthesizer at 8 and from there the experimenting / classes began. When deciding not to be a classic musician but too focus on productions instead he went for production school and learned radio work, editing, mixing and many various media skills before leaving for new horizons. After working with musicals and various other work, he finally discovered trance music and from first release came on a 12" on legendary Spiral Trax where the Scandianvian trance was born. After this followed labels like Transient, Turbo Trance, Medium and others. Already touring the world in 2002 showing the hypnotic sounds from his 3 acts: Chromosome, Andromeda and Soul Surfer, he soon was asked to release album ( Temptations) which was a smash hit around the globe and was requested for the ecstatic remixes that made him famous. ManMadeMan, Logic Bomb, Talamasca, Electric Universe, S-range and many more has been altered by Andromedas remix skills. His unique sound has been played on dance floors over the world and distributed over an incredible 6 albums and over 100 releases, which makes him one of the youngest veterans on the global trance scene.

3.****CHROMOSOME (Dream Vision Records / Pt)****

Andy Nilsson (..78) & Linus Eriksson (..82) from Sweden is the companions behind the continuing project Chromosome, lived previously in Metropols like Amsterdam, Barcelona, the Balearic Islands and in modern days in a villa at the Portuguese Riviera. Education and background: Schooled Musicians and Sound Technicians, conducting choirs at age 7, bought first synth at 8 and father of Anders released 13 albums as violinist and inspired Chromosome to pursuit own career. At 18 while working with musicals and doing sound engineering for live bands like Latin Kings, they discovered the mystical magical dimension of trance, and love as a foundation for living. “Discovering oneself as the source” as Alex Grey so articularly puts it. This led them to produce their first Vinyl release on the now legendary Spiral Trax. From then until now has been a constant time zone shifting, touring the most insane sceneries n.. festivals, The Boom, Natraj Temple, Rainbow Serpent, Trancendence, Ozora. Developing soft n.. hard-ware for the Gypsy MidiSuit with Sonalog in the UK. Remixed artists like: Jean Michelle Jarre, Bamboo Forest, Silicon Sound, Logic Bomb. Praised by Alex Ligowskij as “...Wunderkind of 21st Century...” and received “..Great Works..” reviews by the number one label Dragonfly Records for this Album.

********* MIRIKINA (CLOCK FORM REC/GER)***********

Mirikina (real name Stephan/headmaster of Takita´s World since 2004) starts Dj`ing in 1995. His first style was Hardtrance and Techno. In 1998 he change his style to House/ Tech House Music, but this was not the sound what he was looking for.

In 2002 he was on his first Goa Party near cologne and this was what

he is looking for. Since 2002 Mirikina change his style to Goa/ Psytrance.

In 2003 he begins to produce his first own song. When he was 12 years old he had his first contact with drums and sythi, in 2003 he remembered this and get this sounds into his music.

ANDROMEDA DJ SET(Dream Vision Rec / SWE)

MIRIKINA (Clock Form rec/Psy Zone/GER)

SERENADE vs.DAREK (Tranceforce Prod./GER)

more come

müssen wir mal gucken


special black light deko and lightshow


schöne grosse location (EVTL NE BURG)


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