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Dec 13, 2008 22:00:00 - Dec 14, 2008 12:00:00, Rüthen Tara Möhnestr ,50

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Date: Dec 13, 2008
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Live: Sun Project ( B.N.E. rec. -ISRAEL / -GERMANY )

release of the new Sun Project album

SUN Project was the first and original PsyTrance act who consequently started the concept of combining Rock/Metal influences with Psychadelic Trance productions back in 1995. Since those days this guys don..t go on stage without electric guitars and drums, beside the more typical computerized equipment. Today you can find some more other acts in this scene who started to use this concept for themselves later. S.U.N. Project is one of the few acts which have kept their name alive in the PsyTrance scene over 11 years now! They released 9 albums on different record labels. "Wicked", the latest of these albums ist still available, the older albums are unfortunately sold out completely.. but it is planned to release a "Best Of SUN Project"-album in late 2008 or early 2009. Also the new studio album will be released on BNE/YoYo label in october 2008.

Slider ( Noya rec. -ISRAEL )

release of the new Slider album

***Slider is Eliran Orgad, born in 1980 in Israel. Eliran started his musical carrier as a DJ at the young age of 15, at the age of 16 he started to learn the craft of music making and producing, after a few years of experimenting eliran established his solo project named Slider which gained big success and he played in numerous events and festivals in Israel.
During these years Eliran also had a key role in producing and promoting Psy Trance events all over Israel and he was in charge of Psy Trance party lines in respected clubs such as: Ultrasound, Vox, TLV and more...
In 2006 Eliran had stopped making parties and producing under the name Slider and started a new project ?Double Impact? together with a new partner. The project lasted for a year, became a big attraction in a very short time and played all over the world. After a year the duo had different thinking about the music and Eliran decided to go back to his old name Slider and put all of his efforts in it.

Since then Slider is been working in the studio constantly and making his unique Psy Trance which is best described as strong, groovy, psychedelic Full On Trance. Slider has preformed in major parties all around the globe, his unique live performance includes drum machine and guitars and very powerful electric atmosphere that will get any audience in the world dancing and partying.

Slider has collaborated with top acts such as: Dino, Sub6, Sun project, Psysex, Perplex, Shanti, and many and released his new music in many of the world leading Trance labels such as: Hommega, Vision Quest, Spun, Chemical crew, BNE and more.

Slider has recently signed in the one of the most promising labels in the trance scene, Noya Records, there he will release his debut album in September 2008 and will release also a compilation in the beginning of 2009.

Be sure to catch his performance in a party near you!***

Bitkit (natural productions - BELGIUM )

Bitkit is Gunther Wyckmans, born 1982 in Belgium.
Started at an early age playing all kinds off instruments like drums, piano, djembé and trumpet. After several years I discovered the mystical world of electronic music + music production.
I started with an old Atari and some synths, and took my first steps. Now the studio is almost on full power with a new Mac 8-core, 4gig ram, UAD expert card, fireface 800, liquidmix and dynaudio BM6.
After releasing my first vinyl and debut album, i'm now working on the second album. Can't tell you when it's gonna be finished, going to take my time for this. But it's gonna be worth waiting for!
Wanna thank you for dropping by and hope my music brings you lot of joy, happiness and a smile on your face!
Maybe see you on the trancefloor or meet you in the speakers!!


DJs: Marco Menichelli -DJ-Set( Sun Project - B.N.E. rec. -ISRAEL / -GERMANY )
Slider -DJ-Set ( Noya rec. -ISRAEL )

Be sure to catch his performance in a party near you!***
Lamontanara + Pascal ( Fullmoon Festival2008/Synphonie rec. -GERMANY )
Serenade ( Farbstoffträger/Tranceforce rec. -GERMANY )
Yoka ( Synphonie rec. -GERMANY )


Rüthen Tara Möhnestr ,50

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