Belgium  Rise of the wicked presentz : Khaos Sektor, TerraTech LIVE

Nov 29, 2008 22:00:00 - Nov 30, 2008 10:00:00, online soon!

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Date: Sep 11, 2008
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Live: KHAOS SEKTOR (LIVE) (black magic records., D-A-R-K records.,Evil knivel records.) (portugal)

-TERRATECH (LIVE) (Black Magik rec., Mind Expansion rec., Urban Antidote rec.) (portugal)

-HexamenDron (deadly melodies)

-HazaXor (rise of the wicked/Dark Crisis)

-Dark Euforia (rise of the wicked)

-Psy Toad (rise of the wicked)

online soon!

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