Greece  Tristan live action ! Doc / Kreon / Nexon / Sonix @ Mylos

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Date: Sep 9, 2008
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Live: Twilight Zone present
one of the most requested Psychedelic Live Act in the Planet !

After Boom , Ozora and Aurora Festivals Tristan comes over to burn Thessaloniki's dancefloor once again !

From UK
TRISTAN (Nano Records)

Profile :

I started producing trance in 1993 after a long trip around asia, when i was turned on to the psychedelic movement in goa and koh phan gan, during the next decade i have collaborated with some amazing artists and made some lasting friendships; manmademan, process, hallucinogen, serge, dimitri, dick trevor, laughing buddha, aphid moon, gms, and many many more crazy and wonderful characters. i joined forces with twisted records in 1996 and released my first single with them 'martian arts'
Since then i have never looked back, in my mind they are a label that exudes 'quality', and is a label of the highest quality. i released "audiodrome" and "substance", dj'ed the "twisted sessions:vol 1", and am now nearing completion of my third, and in my opinion best work, in the solo album: "Chemisphere". It has been a bit of a labour of love, taking quite a lot longer than i anticipated but working hard on the production, arrangement, and vibe has been well worthwhile. Cabin fever is setting in so i can't wait for the full summer festival to begin! I need to do some stomping on the dancefloor...

Anyway....of course my dj career has been integral to the whole production trip; and some of my most far out moments have been at psychedelic festivals around the world that i have been lucky enough to play at.

Ones that really spring to mind, and i hope some of you were there to share them; were: samothraki (year 1 and 2) , the south africa eclipse of 2002, hungary eclipse, wingmakers in the west country of england,
solstice parties in japan, and the vortex events in south africa, and of course the universo parallelo parties in brazil, probably the best parties in the world right now; and organised by some of the nicest most authentic people on the planet.

DOC // Candyflip rec

KREON // Camoflash

NEXON // Iono Music

SONIX // Confused Brains


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