United States  TOUCH Samadhi 5th Annual Arts and Music Festival: Equinox

Sep 19, 2008 12:00:00 - Sep 21, 2008 17:00:00, Deerfields in NC

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Date: Sep 8, 2008
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Live: Main stage:
Scorb [United Kingdom] Trick Music, Last Possible Solution *LIVE
Random [san francisco, CA] geomagnetic/vaporent *LIVE
Primordial Ooze [chicawaukee, WI/IL] kabrathor *LIVE
Virtual Light [ottawa, Canada] geomagnetic *LIVE
Clone [ottawa, Canada] Tundra Records *LIVE
Shapestatic [NC/TN] touch samadhi *LIVE
Dragon [pensacola FL] dharmaharmony *LIVE
Bioluminescense [greenville SC] pure perception records *LIVE

2nd stage:

The Malah [greenville, SC] The Malah *LIVE
Yoko K [washington, DC] asahra music *LIVE*
Aquarium [greenville, SC] Aqaurium on myspace *LIVE
Aligning Minds [washington, DC] native state / aleph zero *LIVE
Silver Machine [asheville, NC] Silver Machine 11 on myspace *LIVE
Naiad-Daiad [NYC / greenville, SC] Naiad-Daiad on myspace *LIVE
Primordial Ooze [chicagowaukee] divine balance / kabrathor *LIVE
Logos [asheville, NC] logosmusic.net / I-Create-I-Am *LIVE
Quetzatl [asheville, NC] waveform modulations / heterodox *LIVE

DJs: Main stage:
Kri [asheville NC] touch samadhi
Moksa [atlanta GA] altpsy
Wichdokta [san francisco, CA] geomagnetic
Kameleon + Labyrinth [greenville SC] pangea productions
Koji [charlotte NC] singlecell
Oso [athens GA] touch samadhi
KT [chicago IL] touch samadhi
Iduna [asheville NC] touch samadhi
Medisin vs Cinder [NC/GA] touch samadhi / ATLpsy

2nd stage:
Opensourcecode [NYC] Opensoucecode
Kameleon + Labyrinth [greenville, SC] pangea productions
Xist [asheville, NC] alientechnology
NOD [asheville, NC] ATLpsy / touch samadhi
Shad [nashville, TN] touch samadhi
D.Raigosa + Klaws [greenville, SC] pangea productions
Oso [athens, GA] touch samadhi / ATLPsy
Senjya [winston salem, NC]
Panties the Clown [greenville, NC] ATLPsy / psybertribe
Olof [asheville, NC] asheville fullmoon
Alex [knoxville, TN] ATLPsy / LoopD / touch samadhi
The Fuzz [winston salem, NC] touch samadhi
Medisin [asheville, NC] asheville full moon / touch samadhi

Deerfields in NC

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