United States  Chilluminati: Earthdance 2008 (3 day outdoor)

Sep 12, 2008 18:00:00 - Sep 14, 2008 12:00:00, Black River Falls, WI

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Date: Aug 28, 2008
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Live: **Robert Rich** - Live PA - Soundscape Productions // Mountain View, CA

Across three decades and over 30 albums, Robert Rich has helped define the genres of ambient music, dark-ambient, tribal and trance, yet his music remains hard to categorize. Part of his unique sound comes from using home-made acoustic and electronic instruments, microtonal harmonies, computer-based signal processing, chaotic systems and feedback networks. Rich began building his own analog synthesizers in 1976, when he was 13 years old, and later studied for a year at Stanford?s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

Rich released his first album Sunyata in 1982. Most of his subsequent recordings came out in Europe until 1989, when Rich began a string of critically acclaimed releases for Fathom/Hearts of Space, including Rainforest (1989), Gaudí (1991), Propagation (1994) and Seven Veils (1998). His two collaborations with Steve Roach, Strata (1990) and Soma (1992), both charted for several months in Billboard. Other respected collaborations include Stalker (1995 with B. Lustmord), Fissures (1997 with Alio Die) and Outpost (2002 with Ian Boddy.) Rich?s contributions to multi-artist compilations have been collected on his solo albums A Troubled Resting Place (1996) and Below Zero (1998). His group, Amoeba, explored atmospheric songcraft on their CDs Watchful (1997) and Pivot (2000). Live albums such as Calling Down the Sky (2004) and 3-CD Humidity (2000) document the unique improvised flow of his performances.

Rich has performed in caves, cathedrals, planetaria, art galleries and concert halls throughout Europe and North America. His all-night Sleep Concerts, first performed in 1982, became legendary in the San Francisco area. In 1996 he revived his all-night concert format, playing Sleep Concerts for live and radio audiences across the U.S. during a three month tour. In 2001 Rich released the 7 hour DVD Somnium, a studio distillation of the Sleep Concert experience, possibly the longest continuous piece of music ever released at the time.

Rich has designed sounds for television and film scores, including the films Pitch Black, Crazy Beautiful, Behind Enemy Lines and others. His musical scores grace films by Yahia Mehamdi (Thank you for your Patience, 2003) and Daniel Colvin (Atlas Dei, 2007, with 90 minutes of Rich?s music in surround); and a video installation by Michael Somoroff (Illumination, 2007). Rich works closely with electronic instrument manufacturers, and his sound design has filled preset libraries of Emu?s Proteus 3 and Morpheus, Seer Systems? Reality, sampling disks Things that Go Bump in the Night, ACID Loop Library Liquid Planet, WayOutWare?s TimewARP2600, and synths by Camel Audio. Rich has written software for composers who work in just intonation, and he helped develop the MIDI microtuning specification. As mastering engineer and mixer, he has applied his ear to albums in all styles, and his studio was featured twice in Keyboard Magazine, and elsewhere worldwide.

**Ghreg on Earth** - LIVE + DJ - MoE // San Francisco, CA

Since the late 1980s, Ghreg On Earth has woven a unique musical vision as DJ, A+R manager and Producer. His dedication and passion for an intelligent, gritty and moody musical journey, has forged a sound that is known for it?s timeless cinematic spaces that push the trance medium far beyond its formula parameters. Meshing, Blurring and Slurring wildly diverse stylistic elements into trance dancefloor alchemy, his sound has become synonymous with adventure in the unpredictable peak of sonic apotheosis.

Ghreg?s debut full length album, Sigilweaver, stunned and lit afire the trance world with its release in Winter of 2005. It represents a new benchmark in sound exploration that continues to awe listeners and dancers hungry for a timeless journey through the outer regions and inner alcoves of deep nighttime soundscapes.

Ghreg On Earth currently resides on the West Coast of North America (Earth) where he continues to create electronic music without boundaries?. taking the next steps into futuristic mythologies that conjure the sonic imagination of tomorrow.

**Aerosis** - LIVE PA - Suntrip Records // Minnesota + California

Aerosis was formed in the summer of 2006 by Goa Trance artists Bobby "Synogen" Ognyanov and Jeremy "Tempestuous G" Green and debuted the project on August 1st, 2006. Producing since 2004, the two talents convened at a site a site called ACIDplanet, and have been learning production from each other ever since. The first track the two created was Contorsion, and is also their first song to be released professionally, through their friends at Suntrip Records. Contorsion is the 2nd track featured on the Twist Dreams compilation.

Alternately and individually known as Synogen (Bobby) and Tempestuous G ( Jeremy) the two are known to dabble in a wide assortment of projects, but have culminated into a steady (and looks like lasting) focus on Aerosis.

Aerosis is working towards the completion of their debut album "Leap of Faith", aiming to bedazzle the goa collective with a delighting tale of spiritual exploration.

**Distant System** Live PA - Celestial Dragon Records // Colorado

Distant System is an electronic music project that began in 2006, constructed by audio producer, Tyler Smith. Remote audio expansions designed and sequenced for cerebral migrations or active environments. Universal frequency dilation for macrocosmic chillout endeavors. Tyler has experimented with electronic music for over 10 years, and with the Distant System project, creates sonic textures and rhythms that engage and extend the experiencer.

**Androcell** - Live PA - Celestial Dragon Records // Colorado

Androcell is an electronic / organic music project that began in 2003, created by audio producer, Tyler Smith. Tyler has experimented with electronic sound forms for over 10 years, but has been involved in music throughout most of his life, stemming from a piano, vocal, and percussion background. He designs his music as an aural habitat for cognizant chillers who seek to experience excursions through sound.

KiloWatts - Live PA - Psymbolic--sounds + Native State // Philadelphia

KiloWatts (James Watts) is a quirky electronic experimenter of whom has released numerous tracks on albums with various labels. He's also 1/2 of the glitchpop group KiloWatts + Vanek, and 1/2 of the Peruvian Amazon outfit 'Skeetaz' with Bil Bless. All in all, KiloWatts is a complex rhythmic audio editor that creates dynamic and unpredictable moods by interweaving an amalgam of experimental ambience and rich melodic structures.
DJs: Daksinamurti - Shiva Space Technology // Germany

Daksinamurti is Till K. From Marburg/ Germany. In his sets he prefers twilight styled / Night Full ON. But i also have a weakness for good produced non cheesy morning music. In 2005 he joined Shiva Space Technology for which he made a compilation. At the end of 2007 he joined the South African label "Nexus Media"

Together with Dj Shivamoon he runs the India based label Rudraksh Records where Till is A+R and Co-Manager. Daksinamurti performed at

Freedom Festival (Portugal 2005 + 2007), Ominfestival (Spain/2005) Fullmoon Festival (Germany 2006 + 2008) Antaris (Germany 2006)Fusion (Germany/2007) Psycrowdelica (2007), VuuV (2008) and various other parties in countries such as South Africa Germany, Portugal,India ,Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Thailand, Netherlands,Italy,Dubai, Uk,Finland

His first compilation V/A "Spiritually Spaced ouT" was released December 2006 on Shiva Space Technology with artists such as: Scorb vs Tenzing , Shiva(Jörg),Slug,Mechanix,Hydraglyph, Menog, O.I.L, Concept, Wizack Twizack (Khopat rmx) and Sick Addicktion (Tryambaka + D Maniac)

In June 2007 compilation V/A "Deep Fried" compiled with dj Shivamoon on "Rudrakshrecords" with artists such as : Abomination, Neuromotor, Audialize, Concept, Shift, Phyx, Tryambaka ,I-dna and Delysid and the double benefit Cd V/A Ahimsa (Dacru+ Rudraksh Records)

DJ Niki - Mighty Quinn Records // Japan
DJ NIKI is a co-founder and owner of Tokyo based psychedelic trance label Mighty Quinn Records. Together with his partner Toshi he has released two well recognized and respected compilations: ?Royal Straight Flush? and ?Beauty and the Beast?. In 2008 together with Spliffnik, another very successful compilation was born under the name of ?The Invisible Hand?. Currently Niki is working on the next compilation for Mighty Quinn Records. Dj Niki has been Djing since 2004 and had played at numerous psychedelic parties. Getting a reputation as one of the most underground-psychedelic DJs around, he had shared the decks with artists such as Penta, Psykovsky, Osom, Jahbo, Kindzadza, Parus, Polyphonia, Dejan and Jellyheadz, Mussy Moody, Candy Power, Metallaxis, Drury Nevil, Savage Scream and many, many more. Dj Niki has acquired a full length and power mighty collection of music and presents a complete psychedelic story to the dancer on the floor, truly in the Mighty Quinn Records style. His sets are described to be perfect for any time of the party and are always smooth, rhythmic, mysterious, and create a perfect atmosphere for body and mind. Trancers and dancers are permanently put in a happy, easy going, relaxed state of mind throughout the set. Feel free to come and share this experience with DJ Niki. Boom!

Random - Phoenix Family + VaporVent + Geomagnetic // San Francisco, CA

Random is San Francisco California native Ross DuBois a principal dj and producer of goa/psy-trance coming from the USA. He has toured the US, Canada, and Mexico extensively playing at festivals, clubs, outdoors, indoors, night time and day. "Implicate Order," Random's first full length album was released worldwide in 2006 on Geomagnetic.tv. With 15 + singles on labels like VaporVent, Geomagnetic, Timecode, Acidance, Kagdila, Shiva Space Technology, and many more. His music kidnaps the listener?s mind and sends it spiraling beyond space and time, it's intelligent, crunchy, groovy and mind-expanding. Random's flawless djing and psychedelic audio wizard has been zapping dance floors silly since 1996. The world is ready for this sensation to storm you to bliss!

Professor X
The Professor - Meta EnTrance // Phoenix

Known for his intense, sophisticated and high-energy sound, the Professor is a well respected dj in the Mid-West psychedelic music scene. The Professor is well-known for his captivating aura, attracting people onto the dance floors with his driving high energy orchestration of sound. Innovative and spontaneous, he reads a crowd and spins mental mayhem to amplify the energy on the dance floor, keeping crowds stomping well into the sunshine of the day. While constantly requested to provide boomin full on daytime sets, he has revealed an entirely original dark psy style which infuses higher resonancing.

The Professor, A.K.A. Bradley John grew up in the Mid-West in a small town in Illinois called Normal. He started djing electronic music in 1998 while attending Full Sail recording school in Orlando, Florida. His first influences were progressive house and breakbeats. After working for Universal Studios as a live sound engineer for six years, he headed back to the Mid-West to find his roots. There he discovered psytrance in his hometown. Brad then began playing shows as a core member of the TRANCEPSYNDICATE under the dj name Professor X.

Now the Professor is living in the rural desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona. He participates in events with local psytrance collective OVERMINDWORKS and visual artist eNdo. The Professor is also a featured artist at META enTRANCE, a psychedelic trance radio station and psytrance portal.

The Great Mundane - Psymbolic--sounds // Chicago

Shaped by a "Do It Yourself" culture, Jeffrey Acciaioli was driven by his love of music to create the moniker The Great Mundane at first to only satisfy himself. Born and raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan he was exposed and later influenced by genres such as classical, jazz, bossa nova, hip-hop, and electronica. His broad range of favorites and training allow us to enjoy his "one of a kind" sound that is anything but mundane. The Great Mundane's twisting textures, catchy drum whips, and unique soundscapes leave us with a melodic collage that is unlike anything we've heard before. The Great Mundane was first introduced into the Chicago music scene before taking his passion and energy nation wide. Soon international ears were falling upon his unique sounds and requesting his talents. Recognized and appreciated by his untraditional sounds, The Great Mundane worked with Belladonna Records to release two limited time EP's and has released his debut album "When Falls Arrive" with Psymbolic--sounds.

Paradigm - Geomagnetic.TV + Xcience // San Francisco

Paradigm's reputation for pinpoint accurate mixing, smooth and clean equalizer work, dynamic and groovy bass-lines and infectious stage persona caught the attention of America's psy trance scene, and has made him one of the most sought trance DJ's in North America. Paradigm has been fortunate enough to share the stage with artists such as Wizzy Noise, Atomic Pulse, D-tek, Eskimo, Neuromotor, Hyper-Frequencies, Earthling, Dark Soho, Miraculix, C.P.U., Quadra, Astrix, Nomad, Paul Taylor (Spun), Shawnodese (Mind Funk), Arturo (Maia), Anneli (Sweden) and so on...and of course many if not most of the US based producers including Penta, Chromatone, Random, Deeper in Zen, Ghreg on Earth, Mubali and almost every other U.S. live-performance worth mentioning.

Primordial Ooze
Primordial Ooze - Divine Balance Records + Kabrathor // Chicago + Milwaukee

The Primordial Ooze project was created by DJ's Kaiser Soze and S.O.T. as an experiment in genetic sound programming and nano-acoustic engineering... Self-replicating and mutating algorithms, swarms of frequencies that collaborate, breed and communicate, flourish in an environment of artificial selection and continual evolution. Currently working on two albums this energetic live act is continuously expand/collapseing their farm of pet-frequencies with various sonic creatures. These lively pets can cause serious mayhem on the dancefloor! But with properly tied shoes, participants are generally safe and happy.

Abbot - mnmlefrt // Madison, Wi

Abrahm - Mind Outpsyde // Iowa

Airyck - Mystic Morning + Xcience // Iowa

Alien Audience - Mind Outpsyde // Iowa

Amritaji - Audiognomes // Madison, Wi

Ascension - Trance Psyndicate // Peoria, Il

Collision - Mind Outpsyde // Iowa

Derby - Chilluminati / Psymbolic--sounds // Chicago

Doug Ireland - Independent // Bloomington, Il

Ekimskrid - Mind Outpsyde // Iowa

Energon - Rendezvous // Chicago

GeaL - Audiognomes // Madison, Wi

Kent Vogel - Independent // Bloomington, Il

Machi - Xcience // Milwaukee

Saeros - Audiognomes // Madison, Wi

Mr. Roboto - Chilluminati // Danvers, Il

Psygomin - PSI Control // Appleton, Wi

pocketchange - Independent // Bloomington, Il

Robyo - Chillumafia // Chicago

Scatter - Audiognomes // Madison, Wi

Symbiotic - Sacred Sounds // Springfield, Mo

The Psyntist - Sacred Sounds // Springfield, Mo

Tim Clark - Independent // St. Louis, Mo

Toki - Audiognomes // Madison, Wi

Black River Falls, WI

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