United States  Squid Collective pres:Bitter Blossom Festival (3day outdoor)

Sep 12, 2008 17:00:00 - Sep 14, 2008 12:00:00, Austin, TX

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Date: Aug 28, 2008
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Live: See weblink
DJs: Main stage: Sound by BASSMAXX
Artifakt (Timecode; South Africa)
DJ Niki (Mighty Quinn; Russia/Japan)
Daksinamurti (Nexus; Germany)
Unwashed Tomato (Unwashed; New York)
800 Deathsticks (Unwashed; New York)
The Andychrist (Unwashed; New York)
PsyLotus (Synchronize SF, Organic Mechanix; San Francisco)
Jaiz Edelmann (Iono Music; Denmark)
Underfoot (Audiognomes; Wisconsin)
Artifical Life Preserver (Psymbolic; Austin)
Force Majeure (TOUCH Samadhi; Austin)
Vampyromorpha (Shiva Shakti; Austin)
Klapton (Atrium Obscurum; Dallas)
Catoptric (Fugu Trance; Austin)
Sylph (Mass Abduction; Austin)
SpyralKite (Holotropic Audio; Austin)
Nivlem (Austin)

Second stage: Sound by Continuum Sound
JayNicole vs Daveed (BucklUp; Austin)
Steelgrooves (Capital Techno; Austin)
Boogie Monster (Tecknotainment; Austin)
Grommit and I/O (Weight, Dubstep.fm, The Herd)
Malasuerte (3-way tag set) (Drum Logistics, Audiotek, Close2Death; San Antonio)
Herbert Quain (Fugu Trance; Austin)
Apophena (Dallas)
Amala (Austin)

Austin, TX

Author: thegooddale / Date: 29.08.2008 02:32:16

correction... should read Shiva Shakti and Squid Collective present Bitter Blossom. The event is a collaboration of the two crews.

Also, check our website, it's pretty and informative. www.bitterblossom.com

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