Finland  Kuuloke goes Brazil

Aug 16, 2008 22:15:00 - Aug 17, 2008 04:15:00, Helsinki

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Date: Aug 13, 2008
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Carbon23 (Chaishop, BR)
Headphonics (Exogenic Breaks, live)
Dj Justin Space
Dj Make Matic

breaks, chill, disco, drum'n'bass, elektro, funk, psy, tekno, jotain Carbon23

Bruno Camargo is also Carbon23, an old-times member of the electronic music culture in Brazil. He has been djing since around 1988 with breaks for band vocals and jazz studies, and travelling and absorbing quite a lot of the new music order in Europe and US. 90s-early00s he represented in Brazil promoting open-air parties, street events and weekly events in club-scene in Sao Paulo city and surrounding states.
He holds an experienced curriculum of underground psychedelic parties in Miami, Cuzco and Bolivia, many major local parties in Brazil such as Universo Paralello, Tribe, Tranceformation, Deep, Earthdance and Solaris and also top-house music events in clubs and parties such as Colors, Substancia and Moving @ D-Edge. His music source is unknown, unclear and he can take inspiration from basically anything that has got a beat. Hes influences varies from techno to house - always groovy, always spicy. Currently he is residing in Amsterdam, NL.

Sets for Download:
Super Nanny 23
tech-house / techno
Lumens per Watt
tech-house / techno


Headphonics, is a project by producers Markku Louhio and Tommi Sirkiä in their search for the perfect mix of electronic and conventional music, taking inspiration from old movie soundtracks, classic 70´s funk, comics, house, breaks, drum ´n bass and hip hop. The result is powerful breakbeat, spiced with pop flavour and an edge of freaky vibes rolling on funky basslines. Headphonics is a musical collective which features artists such as DJ Mel-3, an established funk and hip hop DJ in Finland who does some co-producing in the band and Vesa Pasanen, a musical virtuose with the guitar.
Their debut album Evolution Of Funk was released in March 2008.


Carbon23 (Chaishop, BR)
Headphonics (Exogenic Breaks, live)
Dj Justin Space
Dj Make Matic

Rosegarden Club

Iso Roobertinkatu 10


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