Israel  Crazy Cat Production Present - Alalila Festival

Oct 24, 2008 22:00:00 - Oct 25, 2008 18:00:00, somewhere in the middle o...

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Date: Aug 10, 2008
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DJs: Osom (Osom Music,Russia) - Special 3 Hours Live Show

Xenomorph (Gnostic Records,Germany) - Special Retro Live Set

Zik / Horror Place (Insomnia Records,Greece) - Special Live Set

Mubali (Trishula Records,U.S.A) - Special Live Set

Neuromotor (Mechanik Records,Belgium) - Special Live Set

Dark Elf (DiscoValley Records,Greece) - Dj Set

Ankur (Seres-Music/Noise Poison Records,Germany) - live/ Dj Set

Crying Orc / Technical Hitch (Insomnia Records,Israel) Dj Set

somewhere in the middle o...

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