Netherlands  Namasté - Connecting the Tribes

Nov 28, 2008 23:00:00 - Nov 29, 2008 05:00:00, Amsterdam

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Date: Nov 27, 2008
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DJs: Caste 1: Drum + Bass / Jungle / Ragga
23.00-01.45 Hosted by: Koldun/Lionstyle
Koldun (Lionstyle/Funky Junkie/Namasté, UK/NL)
Stivs (Life 4 land, UK)
Spud (Lionstyle/Cheeky Monday, UK)
Terminal State (Formation/TOV Music/Renegade, UK)
LIVE: Junglefever (Amen Warfare, NL)
LIVE: Rebecca (electric violin, UK)

01.45-03.15 Aphrodite (Urban Takeover/V2 Records, UK)

03.15-05.15 Hosted by: Champion Sound
A-Flex (Champion Sound, NL)
Sektor (Champion Sound, NL)
Lokal (Champion Sound, NL)
Syze (Champion Sound, NL)
Lifecycle (Champion Sound, NL)

Caste 2: Breaks / Electro punk house / Hiphop
23.00-01.00 Shiny Shady + O.boogie (Drie keer Niks, NL)
01.00-02.00 (Mad) Ed (NL)
02.00-03.15 $jammie The Money (Boemklatsch/Nobody Beats The Drum, NL)
03.15-05.15 Ganz Anders (Chamelian/Planet Sutcliffe, NL/UK)

Caste 3: Reggae / Dub / Roots / Dubstep
23.00-02.00 King Shiloh in Dub
Bredda Neil (NL/UK)
Majestic Brother (NL/UK)
Jah Rootz (NL/UK)
Red Lion (NL/UK)

02.00-03.15 Chillum (Subway, NL)
03.15-04.45 Aardvarck (NL)

Caste 4: Noize
Hosted by: MS Stubnitz
23.00-04.00 Y4HK + Empty


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